Chapter 20A Hall of Fame Legacy


When I asked George's teammates if they had died on the field that day instead of George would there have been the same response and impact, every one of them said emphatically, “No, definitely not.” I told them I felt the same way about myself as a teammate. Yet on this day, many of them came from different areas of the country and the world to be at George's Hall of Fame induction. David Coors flew to Ithaca from Australia, and was flying right back after the event. Chris Viola came for the induction and afterward had to turn around and head right back to the restaurants he owns in New York City. Tim Kirchner flew in from San Francisco. Others gave up their weekends and time with family, friends, and kids to be there. They may not have been the kind of teammates George was in college, but 10 years later they were being selfless, serving, and sacrificing—10 years later he was still making them better.

That night Jeff Tambroni delivered an inspirational, emotional, tear-jerking speech about George. He had to stop numerous times to gather himself and wipe the tears from his eyes, face, and notes. It was one of the most meaningful and powerful speeches I have ever heard, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Jeff is no longer the lacrosse coach at Cornell. He now coaches the men's lacrosse team at Penn State University. He didn't take the hard ...

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