Figure 1.1The Model for Improvement
Figure 1.2The PDSA Cycle
Figure 1.3Sequential PDSA Cycles for Learning and Improvement
Figure 1.4PDSA Cycles from Testing to Implementation
Figure 1.5Results of a Before-and-After Test: Case 1
Figure 1.6Other Possible Run Charts Associated with Before-and-After Graph
Figure 1.7Analysis of Data from a PDSA Cycle
Figure 1.8Run Charts of Key Measures for Diabetes Improvement Project
Figure 2.1Sources of Data
Figure 2.2Measurement for Judgment Versus Improvement
Figure 2.3Moving from Judgment to Improvement Measures
Figure 2.4Using Percentile Rankings
Figure 2.5Simple Scales for Turning Personal Experience into Data
Figure 2.6Relationship Between Nature of Data and Data ...

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