The Healthcare Mandate: How to Leverage Disruptive Innovation to Heal America’s Biggest Industry

Book description

A top healthcare futurist and consultant shows healthcare professionals and stakeholders how to redirect resources and leverage innovation to improve wellness and lower costs.

Despite being the wealthiest nation on earth, the United States spends much of its healthcare money and resources pursuing the wrong goal: curing people after they get sick. In this provocative book, Nicholas J. Webb charts a bold new path that puts the focus not on reactionary treatment but on anticipation and prevention. Webb argues that we have a unique opportunity to leverage disruptive innovation to fulfill these goals. Emerging digital technologies now make it possible to collect, analyze, and act upon the enormous quantities of health-related data that every individual generates every day. This data often foreshadows disease and can alert the healthcare provider to the existence of a life-threatening condition before there are any outward symptoms, thereby enabling caregivers to pivot from treatment after the fact to anticipation, prevention, and, when necessary, reduced treatment to correct a smaller problem.

This is The Healthcare Mandate—a powerful and illuminating guide to the new tools that healthcare professionals can start using right now to:

  • See their clients not only as patients to be cured but as constituents to keep healthy.
  • Identify and respond to emerging health problems as early as possible.
  • Access and share constituent data with other healthcare providers.
  • Navigate the increasingly complex world of patient data rights.
  • Meet the challenge of non-medical online healthcare providers.
  • Address constituent lifestyle choices that lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Respond to the increasing consumerization of healthcare.

Drawing upon his decades of experience as an industry expert with dozens of medical patents, Webb offers a positive and achievable vision for the future of healthcare.

Product information

  • Title: The Healthcare Mandate: How to Leverage Disruptive Innovation to Heal America’s Biggest Industry
  • Author(s): Nicholas Webb
  • Release date: September 2020
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9781260468137