The Healthy Electric Smoker Cookbook

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Authentic smoked flavor for those who don't prefer to spend hours monitoring their low-and-slow barbecue.

WithThe Healthy Electric Smoker Cookbook, you can confidently smoke just about anything, offering many advantages over traditional smoking methods.

- More convenient - Precise temperature control means you don't need to spend hours tweaking temperature, adding wood, and tending to the smoker.
- Less cost - Conventional smokers require a significant amount of wood to produce consistent smoke and heat over long periods of time, but electric smokers use a very small amount of wood, which is used for flavoring and not as the energy source.
- Smaller footprint - Electric smokers take up significantly less space and produce much less ash than traditional smokers.

From happy hour, to entrée, to dessert, use any brand of electric smoker to wow your family and neighbors without building a smokehouse in your backyard. Plus, no unnecessary carbs and processed ingredients needed. Smoke your own skinny jalapeño margaritas, chipotle sriracha wings, cilantro lime beef satay, or dark chocolate brownies with bourbon whipped cream. Sure, you can loiter and watch your ribs slowly tenderize if you want, but you can also go do your yard work while your electric appliance turns out the most perfectly smoked and traditionally flavored barbecue you've ever created.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Contents
  4. How to use this eBook
  5. Introduction
    1. What Is Electric Smoking?
    2. Getting Started
    3. Accessories & Equipment
    4. Beef
    5. Pork
    6. Poultry
    7. Fish & Seafood
    8. Choose Your Wood
    9. Smoking in Action
    10. Smoking Techniques
    11. Troubleshooting
    12. Safety & Maintenance
  6. Beef, Lamb & Venison
    1. Chipotle Cherry Beef Jerky
    2. Pimento Cheese & Jalapeño Burgers
    3. Red, White & Blue Cheese Burgers
    4. Jamaican Smoked Oxtails
    5. Herbed Italian Meatballs
    6. BBQ Brisket
    7. Coffee-Rubbed Beef Ribs
    8. Tri-Tip with Chimichurri
    9. Cilantro-Lime Beef Satay
    10. BBQ Meatloaf
    11. Bourbon & Coke Short Ribs
    12. Prime Rib with Horseradish Sauce
    13. Rosemary-Rubbed Venison
    14. Lamb Kofta Kebabs with Tzatziki Sauce
    15. Chili-Lime Skirt Steak Fajitas with Smoked Guacamole
    16. Curried Lamb Rib Chops
    17. Rosemary-Garlic Leg of Lamb
  7. Poultry
    1. Chipotle Sriracha Wings with Blue Cheese Dip
    2. BBQ Chicken Peach Poblano Skewers
    3. Jamaican Jerk Chicken Leg Quarters
    4. Dad's Competition Chicken Thighs
    5. West Indies Wings
    6. Rosemary-Lemon Spatchcocked Chicken
    7. Whole Smoked Chicken with Alabama White Sauce
    8. Orange-Oregano Cornish Game Hens
    9. Cilantro, Lime & Garlic Chicken Wings
    10. Mojo Criollo Chicken Legs
    11. Chipotle Lime Chicken Chili
    12. BBQ Chicken & Smoked Onion Flatbreads
    13. Buffalo Turkey Legs with Blue Cheese Dip
    14. Lemon Sage Spatchcocked Turkey
    15. Chinese Five-Spice Duck
    16. Szechuan Pepper Wings with Thai Peanut Sauce
    17. Rosemary Lemon Quail
  8. Pork
    1. BBQ Pulled Pork Shoulder
    2. Pinoy Pork Skewers
    3. Rum Pineapple Ribs
    4. 3–2–1 St. Louis Style Ribs
    5. Blue Cheese & Thyme Stuffed Pork Chops
    6. Fig, Peach & Ricotta Stuffed Pork Loin
    7. Honey Ginger Smoked Ham
    8. Goat Cheese, Fig & Thyme Sausage
    9. Sweet & Savory Bacon
    10. Ham Biscuits with Carolina Mustard Sauce
    11. Char Siu Pork Belly Burnt Ends
    12. BBQ Pork Belly Burnt Ends
    13. Pulled Pork Carnitas with Smoked Poblano Corn Salsa
    14. Low-Carb Biscuits & Sausage Gravy
    15. Pulled Pork Bahn Mi
  9. Seafood & Fish
    1. Smoked Shrimp & Grits
    2. Citrus & Herb Smoked Whole Snapper
    3. Bourbon & Brown Sugar Smoked Trout
    4. Maple-Bourbon Smoked Salmon
    5. Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Frittata
    6. Smoked Salmon & Dill Deviled Eggs
    7. Cedar Planked Citrus Scallops
    8. South Florida Smoked Fish Dip
    9. Smoked Shrimp Salad
    10. Smoky Mussels in White Wine Sauce
    11. Bacon-Stuffed Lobster Tails
    12. King Crab with Old Bay Butter
    13. Garlic & Bacon Oysters
    14. Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp
    15. Fish Tacos with Chipotle-Cilantro Slaw
  10. Cocktails, Appetizers & Sides
    1. Smoky Bloody Mary
    2. Skinny Smoked Jalapeño Margarita
    3. Smoked Old Fashioned
    4. Smoked Quick Pickles
    5. Cold-Smoked Cheeses
    6. Smoked Bacon Jam
    7. Smoked Pimento Cheese
    8. Bacon & Jalapeño Deviled Eggs
    9. Sweet & Spicy BBQ Smoked Pecans
    10. Jalapeño Poppers
    11. Charleston All-Purpose Slaw
    12. Honey Mustard Brussels Sprout Slaw
    13. Smoked Elotes
    14. Poblano, Corn & Avocado Salsa
    15. Bourbon & Peach Baked Beans
    16. Peach-Poblano Blue Cornbread
    17. Cauliflower Mac & Cheese
    18. Collard Greens & Polenta Casserole
    19. Smoked Artichokes with Chef's Dressing
    20. Smoked Caprese Salad
    21. Cedar Planked Beets with Goat Cheese & Balsamic
  11. Desserts
    1. Cold-Smoked Dark Chocolate
    2. Salted Caramel Apple Pie
    3. Cedar Planked Peaches with Mascarpone
    4. Smoked Bananas Foster with Rum Sauce
    5. Campfire S'Mores Cheesecake
    6. Smoked Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
    7. Berry Muesli Crisp
    8. Million Dollar Smoked Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    9. Smoked Pecan Pie with Orange-Bourbon Cream
  12. Basics
    1. Smoked Salt, Pepper, Paprika & Sugar
    2. All-Purpose Smoked BBQ Rub
    3. Basic Brine
    4. Tomato & Garlic BBQ Sauce
    5. Carolina Mustard Sauce
    6. Alabama White BBQ Sauce
    7. Balsamic Glaze
    8. Mayonnaise
  13. About the Author
  14. Acknowledgements
  15. Copyright

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  • Title: The Healthy Electric Smoker Cookbook
  • Author(s): Robyn Lindars
  • Release date: May 2019
  • Publisher(s): Alpha
  • ISBN: 9781465489371