Chapter 12. Anthony W. Tabell

If I felt that relying on classical patterns and indicators was sufficient, I would have done nothing but read Alexander Wheelan's book and look at point and figure charts. I've tried to go beyond that, though the charts never became useless. You can't have too many tools.

Anthony W. Tabell's career started in 1954, when he joined his late father Edmund W. Tabell at Walston and Co., doing technical research and consulting with institutions. He became senior vice president, a member of the board of directors, and the director of technical research—all at the same time—in 1965. In 1970, Tabell left Walston to form Delafield, Harvey, Tabell in Princeton, New Jersey, where he continued to consult with institutions and provided research input to investment advisory operations. When Delafield, Harvey, Tabell merged with United States Trust Company in 1992, he became senior vice president of U.S. Trust Company of New Jersey. Tabell began applying computers to technical research in the late 1950s and headed one of the first computer installations devoted solely to technical analysis. He was a founding member of the Market Technicians Association, serving as its president in 1975–1976 and a member of its board of directors until his retirement in 1993.

Anthony W. Tabell
What led to your interest in technical analysis?

I got involved with technical analysis when I went to work for ...

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