3D images

blend modes in 103104

depth maps applied to 112114

texture maps applied to 122123

8-bit images 140

16-bit images 139, 140

32-bit images 140


accuracy, digital tablets and 910

Add Layer Mask button, for pixelated edges 8687

Adjustment blend 15

adjustment layer(s). See also specific adjustment layers

with blend modes 15

file size and 7

noise 81

Advanced Blending dialog box

gentle rain technique and 95

for glowing dust effect 119121

for soft-glow effect 7879

trapping transparency 80

alpha channel 19

Ansel Adams 10-Zone System 56

Apply Image tool

blend modes with 179

features of 2526

Art History brush setting 178

astrophotography, Divide mode for 170

Average Blur filter 38


background color, removing vignettes and ...

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