The Hidden Power of Adjustment Layers in Adobe® Photoshop®

Book description

Photoshop’s adjustment and fill layers give you an amazing level of control and are the building blocks of innumerable techniques. In this definitive resource, Scott Valentine demonstrates how to use these simple but powerful tools through approachable hands-on examples, and he calls on other Photoshop experts to share their techniques.

Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, you’ll learn techniques that give you an edge in technical, personal, and commercial projects. Beginning and intermediate users of Photoshop will learn how adjustment and fill layers work and get up to speed on the most common techniques. Advanced users will find indispensable reference material in addition to speedy solutions to vexing problems. More than just a collection of effects and recipes, The Hidden Power of Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop explains why the techniques work and how to tune them for your specific needs.

  • Powerful tips and techniques from industry experts, including Katrin Eismann, Pete Collins, and Corey Barker

  • Straightforward teaching style from a veteran Photoshop user

  • Richly illustrated with examples of over two-dozen techniques covering photography, compositing, and illustration

  • Quick-reference guide to every fill and adjustment layer with before-and-after images for easy comparison

  • Downloadable reference files and actions to explore and enhance your creativity (on the companion website)

  • Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Thanks
    5. Guest Authors
    6. Table of Contents
    7. Foreword
    8. Part I: Adjustment Layer Basics
      1. Chapter 1. Introduction
        1. What’s in This Book?
        2. Who Is This Book For?
        3. What are Adjustment Layers?
        4. Anything Else I Need to Know?
      2. Chapter 2. General Techniques
        1. Adding Adjustment Layers
        2. Workflow
        3. Conclusion
    9. Part II: Creative Techniques
      1. Chapter 3. Photography
        1. Color Correction Curves
        2. Basics—Channel Mixer
        3. Color Replacement
        4. Basics—Brightness & Contrast
        5. Luminosity Selection
        6. Basics—Vibrance
        7. Haze Removal with Lab Color
        8. Basic Adjustment Stack
        9. B&W for Color
        10. Graduated ND Filter
        11. Sepiaesque
      2. Chapter 4. Effects and Compositing
        1. Vintage Photo Print
        2. Graphic Novel
        3. Gradient Fill Vignette
        4. Blending into a Scene
        5. Tweaking Masks and Channels
        6. Day into Night
        7. Stamped Portrait
        8. Soft Glow (Orton Effect)
        9. Painting with Adjustment Layers
        10. Texture Blending
      3. Chapter 5. Illustration and Design
        1. Experimenting with Patterns from Adjustments
        2. Controlling Conversion to B&W
        3. WaterColors and Pastels
        4. Topography Map
        5. Illustrated Texture
        6. Web UI Color Variations
        7. Adjustment Layers for 3D
    10. Part III: Advanced Techniques
      1. Chapter 6. Channels, Color Space, and Bit Depth
        1. Color Space
        2. Channels
        3. Bit Depth
      2. Chapter 7. Histograms and Curves
        1. Histograms
        2. Curves
      3. Chapter 8. Gradient Map Adjustment Layers
        1. Zones
        2. A Conversion Quick Start
        3. Divide and Conquer
        4. Contrast Control and HDR
        5. The Technique
    11. Part IV: Appendixes
      1. Appendix A. Online Resources
        1. General Photoshop Information, Tips, and Help
        2. Extending Adjustment Layers
      2. Appendix B. Applying Adjustments with a Wacom Tablet
      3. Appendix C. Adjustment Layers Reference
        1. Brightness/Contrast
        2. Levels
        3. Curves
        4. Exposure
        5. Vibrance
        6. Hue & Saturation
        7. Color Balance
        8. Black & White
        9. Photo Filter
        10. Channel Mixer
        11. Color Lookup
        12. Invert
        13. Posterize
        14. Threshold
        15. Selective Color
        16. Gradient Map
    12. Index

    Product information

    • Title: The Hidden Power of Adjustment Layers in Adobe® Photoshop®
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2013
    • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
    • ISBN: 9780133523300