Unfortunately, the communications that many brands send out don't always seem relevant to their existing customers. For example, acompany might attempt to get a customer to “try a product” that has already been purchased, or it might promote new products and services that aren't the least bit interesting or relevant to the customer. It is important to use what we already know about our customers in order to communicate with them in a way that is most appropriate for them. When we approach our customers according to their preferences, they see that we're trying to relate to them on their level. Rather than forcing our company's way of doing things on our customers, we are seeking to help them achieve their own goals in the ways best suited to them.

There are several ways that we can begin to show our current customers that not only do we appreciate that they are fans of our brand but also we are actually striving to be their fans.

Speak Jargon-Free

Are your organization's marketing communications easy to read and interpret, or do your customers need a “code book” to decipher what you are saying? You have probably experienced the frustration of listening to people speak using their industry's lingo, perhaps in a doctor's office or when speaking to a lawyer. For example, customer service reps at a high-tech company might use “tech talk” when they answer technical questions posed by users. Or a services firm might use consulting buzzwords ...

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