384 The IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 Integration Guide
14.1 Apple Mac OS 10.x accessing an NFS share
This section explains how to connect from an Apple Macintosh system to the
NAS Gateway 500. Figure 14-1 shows the OS level we used. This procedure
works for the normal Mac OS X version and for the Mac OS X Server version.
Figure 14-1 Mac OS level
First, use the Finder application, select Go, and scroll down to the Connect to
Server entry as shown in Figure 14-2. Select that entry by clicking it.
Figure 14-2 Using Finder
The Connect to Server dialog box will appear. Before you enter the NFS share,
make sure to log on to the NAS Gateway 500 using telnet. When logged on, you
can list the NFS shares using the commands exportfs or showmount - e to list
your NFS shares. This is shown in Example 14-1.
Chapter 14. Apple systems integration 385
Example 14-1 Display NFS shares on NAS Gateway 500
/Vols/FLJ1NFS -
(/)-->showmount -e
export list for FLJ1:
/Vols/FLJ1NFS (everyone)
Now type in exactly the name of your NAS Gateway 500 NFS export:
An example is shown in Figure 14-3. Click Connect to confirm your connection.
Figure 14-3 NFS connect dialog box
The system will connect to the NFS share exported on our NAS Gateway 500.
Figure 14-4 shows our NFS share. This folder will appear on the desktop.
386 The IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 Integration Guide
Figure 14-4 NFS share connected
In addition, the following icon will be added to the desktop (Figure 14-5), so after
the initial connect, you can access the data by simply clicking that icon.
Figure 14-5 Desktop icon

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