350 The IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 Integration Guide
12.1 NFS protocol on NAS Gateway 500
NAS Gateway 500 supports the latest NFS protocol update, NFS Version 3. NAS
Gateway 500 also provides an NFS Version 2 client and server and is therefore
providing backward compatibility with existing install bases of NFS clients and
servers. Negotiation will occur to check what is the highest version of NFS
supported by both involved systems.
On the NFS transport layer, TCP and UDP are both supported in the NAS
Gateway 500.
12.2 Configuring NFS shares on NAS Gateway 500
As soon as you have finished the initial configuration of NAS Gateway 500, you
can start configuring NFS file shares for UNIX systems. In this section we
discuss creating and modifying NFS shares with WebSM and SMIT interface.
12.2.1 Configuring NFS shares through WebSM
You can login as the NAS administrator user or root user to configure the NFS
shares with WebSM.
There are two entries in the WebSM management interface of NAS Gateway 500
if you login as the root user, from where you can configure NFS shares. They are
the standard NFS management tool for AIX and the NAS Gateway 500 specified
NFS management tool. We highly recommend that you use the File Serving
entry under the NAS Management section, as shown in Figure 12-1, because it
is especially designed for NAS Gateway 500 and it is cluster aware in a clustered
If you login as the NAS administrator user, only the entry under the NAS
management section is available.
Chapter 12. UNIX systems integration 351
Figure 12-1 The File Serving section under NAS Management
Creating NFS shares via WebSM: single node configuration
Go to NAS Management NAS System File Serving, click Exported
Directories, and then select Directories
New Export from the menu, as
shown in Figure 12-2. The panel shown in Figure 12-3 will pop up.
Important: If you are running a NAS Gateway 500 cluster, always use the
NAS volume creation tool to create NFS shares. Add a volume and mark the
Export the volume as an NFS share check box.
352 The IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 Integration Guide
Figure 12-2 The Export menu
Figure 12-3 The NFS Export panel
Chapter 12. UNIX systems integration 353
Enter the directory you want to export in the Path name of directory to export
In the Permissions drop-down menu, you can define three kinds of permissions
of the current NFS share:
򐂰 Read/write: Allow clients perform read and write operations on this share.
򐂰 Read only: Only allow read requests from clients.
򐂰 Read-mostly: Allow some clients perform read and write operations on this
share, and allow read operations only to other clients.
Here we also have two more check boxes about DES encryption and public file
NFS server on NAS Gateway 500 support secure NFS sharing in a NIS or NIS+
environment, with the secure mode, in addition to the standard UNIX
authentication system, the NFS server on NAS Gateway 500 provides a means
to authenticate users and machines in networks on a message-by-message
basis. This additional authentication system uses Data Encryption Standard
(DES) encryption and public key cryptography. Secure NFS can improve security
but requires the NIS or NIS+ environment and has some performance penalty on
both server side and client side. The default setting is not to use secure NFS on
The Public file system option is designed to work with WebNFS. WebNFS is a
new protocol that allows client access to the NFS server through Web browsers.
On supported Web browsers, you can access NFS shares on the NAS Gateway
500 with the URL:
If you choose one NFS share as the public file system, then any WebNFS URL
referring to the root directory will be redirected to this share. For example, if we
assign /nasnfs as the public file system, then the URL nfs://nas500/ will gain
access to /nasnfs directory on the server nas500.
WebNFS has not been widely supported on Web browsers until now. The default
setting is not to set current NFS share as a public file system.
If you would like to learn more about the WebNFS Java pug-in, please refer to
the following Web sites:

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