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The Importance of Having Fun in Data Modeling

Video Description

Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone

A key principle in success is that when we enjoy what we do, there is much more likelihood of success.

This session will illustrate this principle in the context of fun during data modeling and how this can lead to success. The presentation will show this in many different ways. For example, you will learn about the ‘science of fun’ and what actually happens where there is a lot of fun, real life data modeling stories comparing very serious data modeling efforts with much more fun efforts and what the outcomes were, principles of fun, and most importantly, we will demonstrate this principle in this class, and have a load of fun in the presentation!

Participants of this session will gain:
  • Information and tools regarding the ‘science of fun’, what happens when fun is involved, and what we can do to increase fun and success
  • Principles of fun
  • Stories regarding data modeling efforts that involved fun and what happened
A REALLY FUN experience in this interactive and fun presentation!