The Innovation Book

Book description

"If you want to know how to make innovation a reality, read this book before your competition does!"
Dr James Canton, CEO & Chairman, Institute for Global Futures
The Innovation Book is your hands-on guide to turning new thinking into exciting opportunities. The quick-read format features an overview of each topic, what success looks like, the pitfalls to dodge and an action plan of what you can start doing - right now - to achieve success.
* Your Creative Self – how to become a more powerful innovator
* Leading Innovators – how to inspire and motivate creative people
* Creating Innovation – how to develop and test new concepts
* Winning with Innovation – how to sell your new ideas
* The Innovator’s Toolkit – 20+ tools to help you create, shape and share your ideas
* The Innovator’s Case Notes – real-life examples of innovation in action; what would you have done?

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Contents
  4. About the authors
  5. Author’s acknowledgements
  6. Publisher’s acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. How to use this book
  9. What is innovation?
  10. Part 1 Your creative self
    1. Nurturing your creative genius
    2. Seeing what others do not see
    3. Becoming a more powerful innovator
    4. Giving up old ideas for better ideas
  11. Part 2 Leading innovators
    1. Building a better, bigger brain
    2. Organising people for innovation
    3. Creating a powerful innovation culture
    4. Motivating innovators
  12. Part 3 Creating innovation
    1. Using the power of (creative) rebels
    2. Making new ideas useful
    3. Grinding your way from insight to (successful) innovation
    4. Measuring (unmeasurable) innovation
  13. Part 4 Winning with innovation
    1. Winning and losing with innovation
    2. Making innovation popular
    3. Selling new ideas
    4. Renewing, transforming and disrupting
    5. Surfing waves of creativity
  14. Part 5 Innovator’s turning points
    1. A beautiful idea is never perfect
    2. Little differences make a big difference
    3. Sometimes you have to gamble everything
    4. Leaders get the innovation they deserve
  15. Part 6 The innovator’s toolkit
    1. Creating (smarter) new ideas
    2. Altshuller’s innovation pyramid
    3. Burgelman and Seigel’s minimum winning game
    4. Osborn and Parnes’ creative problem-solving (CPS)
    5. Altshuller’s theory of inventive problem-solving (TRIZ)
    6. Osterwalder’s business model canvas
    7. Amabile’s internal and external motivation
    8. Guilford’s convergent and divergent thinking
    9. Ries’ build-measure-learn wheel
    10. Shaping better futures
    11. Christensen’s disruptive innovation
    12. Schroeder’s innovation journey
    13. Usher’s path of cumulative synthesis
    14. Benyus’ biomimicry design lens
    15. Van de Ven’s leadership rhythms
    16. Friend’s three types of uncertainty
    17. Teece’s win, lose, follow, innovate grid
    18.’s design thinking modes
    19. Sharing beautiful ideas
    20. Henderson and Clark’s four types of innovation
    21. Rogers’ adoption and diffusion curve
    22. Abernathy and Utterback’s three phases of innovation
    23. Chesbrough’s open innovation
    24. March’s exploration vs. exploitation
    25. Johnson and Johnson’s constructive controversy cycle
    26. Powell and Grodal’s networks for innovation
    27. Boyd’s OODA loop
  16. Final words
  17. More reading for curious people
  18. Index
  19. Endorsements
  20. Advertisements
  21. Imprint

Product information

  • Title: The Innovation Book
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2014
  • Publisher(s): FT Publishing International
  • ISBN: 9781292011936