Note: an f indicates a figure; a t, a table.


Apathy vs. engagement with constructive conflict, 35

Apple as artistic organization, 52–54

Artist, 49–62, 59–60f

Apple as artistic organization, 53–54

career path, 49–50

chaos, 53

CONTROL questions, 62

experimentation, 52

hallmarks of, 51

opportunity finding, 56t

organic growth, 52

organizational level, 52

revolutionary vs. conventionality, 53

scenario-making exercise, 55–58

visionary talent, 52

Artist vs. Engineer, 15–16

Assembling diverse perspectives for dwelling in constructive conflict, 39–40

Athlete, 83–97, 94–96f

career path, 83–85

characteristics, 85–86

COLLABORATE questions, 97

collaboration exercise, 96–97

courage, 87

need for Sage, 86

news agency revitalization, 87–89

portfolio management ...

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