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The Insider's Guide to Supervising Government Employees

Book Description

Essential Guidance for New and Seasoned Supervisors!
Effective supervisors are critical to the future of government. The knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to be an effective supervisor can come only through continuous learning and development.
The Insider's Guide to Supervising Government Employees brings together the experiences of diverse supervisors from all aspects of government to offer a rich resource of lessons learned. Whether you are new to the supervisory role or a seasoned supervisor working to improve your and your staff's performance, this book is your practical, go-to guide.
Starting with a seven-step, 38-item Supervisor Readiness Assessment, The Insider's Guide helps you determine your readiness to supervise and identify areas you would like to learn more about. You can select a single topic that addresses a particular opportunity you are considering or you can read the book cover to cover to get a fuller view of what it means to be an effective supervisor.
As a government supervisor, you have the most important job in all of government. Make the most of it!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Editor
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Chapter 1. The Opportunity to Supervise
    1. Is Supervising Right for You?
    2. Questions to Ask Before Saying Yes to a New Supervisory Opportunity
    3. The First Things You Do As a Supervisor Send Big Messages
    4. Supervising Well Takes Time
    5. Connecting with New Surroundings
    6. One Size Does Not Fit All
    7. Are You Ready to Supervise?
  8. Chapter 2. Looking Inside, Understanding Yourself
    1. How Do You Visualize Yourself as a Supervisor?
    2. Do You Have a Clear Sense of Your Own Strengths?
    3. Do You Know How Others See You?
    4. Do You Know How to Get the Best Out of Yourself?
    5. Making and Keeping Promises
    6. Learning to Say “I Don’t Know”
    7. How Do You Connect with Others?
    8. What Stories Do You Share?
    9. Getting to Know Yourself as a Supervisor
  9. Chapter 3. The Power of Ten Supervisor Roles
    1. Supervisor as Talent Scout
    2. Supervisor as Leader
    3. Supervisor as Energizer
    4. Supervisor as Coach
    5. Supervisor as Facilitator
    6. Supervisor as Mentor
    7. Supervisor as Planner
    8. Supervisor as Consultant
    9. Supervisor as Educator
    10. Supervisor as Public Servant
    11. Blending Supervisory Roles Together in a Unique Way
  10. Chapter 4. Getting the Best Work from Others
    1. What Happens When You Place Yourself at the Center of All Decisions?
    2. Making Choices
    3. Resolving Team Conflict Together
    4. Finding Common Ground
    5. I Wish My Boss Would Walk in My Shoes
    6. Addressing Poor Performance
    7. Giving and Receiving Feedback
    8. Establishing Trust and Confidence
    9. I Like It When My Boss Laughs at Himself and Has Fun
    10. I Work for the Best Boss in the World
  11. Chapter 5. Making Good Things Happen
    1. Knowing Your Organization’s Priorities
    2. Simplifying Work
    3. Being Clear about Expectations
    4. My Supervisor Is Never Around
    5. Our Work and Learning Styles Are Different
    6. Understanding Your Work Environment
    7. Building Strong Relationships
    8. Seeking Guidance
    9. Mistakes Will Happen
    10. The Cost of Negativity
    11. Stories You Want to Share with Others
  12. Chapter 6. Supervising in a Changing Work Landscape
    1. Being Aware of Your Current Work Culture
    2. Knowing Your Gaps in Capability
    3. Continuing to Learn and Develop
    4. Workers in Different Locations
    5. The Changing World of Social Connections
    6. Making Information and Knowledge Sharing Easier
    7. Multi-Generations at Work
    8. Keeping the Brain in Mind
    9. Retooling and Refreshing to Set Yourself Apart
  13. Afterword
  14. About the Contributors