This is my opportunity to heap appreciation upon the thanks I already owe the two individuals who brought me into this world. With fierce encouragement, my parents have been pleading with me to write a book—any book—for years now.

A novelist I am not. A memoir would have been too presumptuous by fault of my relative youth. But since investment writing is what I do by day (and sometimes night), why not share what I've learned in my professional life to benefit others? I met a receptive listener in John Deremigis, who devoted his generous time to studying my ideas for this book, introduced me to Wiley, and helped usher my career‐long wish from the obscurity of a pipe dream to the doorstep of reality.

I'd be remiss to not mention Orily Pratt, who was the first to take a chance on me despite my rudimentary qualifications, furnish me with a launch pad to the world, and demonstrate more than anyone that managers can and should be talent nurturers. Sending me off to my first senior job, she inscribed a copy of Alice in Wonderland to me with characteristic flair: “Good luck is wished upon those whose success is unsure,” she wrote, “but since that's clearly not the case with you, I trust that Alice will help spice up your journey, make it pleasurable, and afford you counsel in times of doubt.” I can't think of a better nurturer.

Then there are those who opened their doors, hearts, and checkbooks while excusing my quirks; those who have offered mentorship and friendship; ...

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