The iPad for Photographers: Master the Newest Tool in Your Camera Bag, Second Edition

Book description

Apple’s popular iPad and iPad mini tablets are incredibly useful tools for photographers on the go. Instead of hauling a laptop, you can tuck a lightweight iPad in your camera bag and take advantage of its large screen, third-party software apps, and online access to effectively complete and share your work away from the studio.

With the iPad for Photographers, Second Edition, novice to pro shooters will discover everything that the iPad has to offer with simple step-by-step instructions and the latest real-world advice for:

  • Importing photos from a camera or memory cards using the iPad Camera Connection Kit or Lightning Camera adapters.

  • Transferring photos wirelessly while you’re shooting, using Wi-Fi SD cards or adapters, or controlling the camera remotely with devices such as the CamRanger and CameraMator.

  • Organizing and rating images and assigning keyword tags in the field, and integrating them later with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on your computer.

  • Editing photos with iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop Touch, and other image adjustment tools.

  • Using portfolio software to create and deliver impressive iPad presentations for prospective clients.

  • In this fully updated guide, photographers will learn other clever uses for their iPad including backing up photos in the field, tracking outdoor light conditions, and other techniques. Visit the book’s website at for updates and additional information.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
      1. Can You Really Leave the Laptop Behind?
      2. Which iPad Should You Use?
      3. What’s New in the Second Edition
      4. Notes About This Book
    7. Chapter 1. Capture Photos with the iPad
      1. Shoot with the Camera App
      2. Shoot with Advanced Apps
      3. Shoot HDR Photos
      4. Create a Panorama
    8. Chapter 2. The iPad on Location
      1. Build an iPad Photo Workflow
      2. Review Photos in the Field
      3. Record Location Information
      4. Back Up Your Photos
    9. Chapter 3. The iPad in the Studio
      1. Control a Camera from the iPad
      2. Mount the iPad
      3. Make a Stop-Motion or Time-Lapse Video
    10. Chapter 4. Rate and Tag Photos
      1. Rate and Tag Using Photosmith
      2. Rate and Tag Using PhotosInfoPro
      3. Rate and Tag Using Editing Apps
    11. Chapter 5. Edit Photos on the iPad
      1. Make Photo Adjustments
      2. Edit Photos in the Photos App
      3. Edit Photos in Snapseed
      4. Edit Photos in Photogene
      5. Edit Photos in iPhoto
      6. Edit Photos in Adobe Photoshop Touch
      7. Edit Raw Files Directly
      8. Retouch Photos
    12. Chapter 6. Edit Video on the iPad
      1. Work with Projects in iMovie for iOS
      2. Add Video to a Project
      3. Edit Video
      4. Add and Edit Photos
      5. Edit Audio
      6. Share Projects
    13. Chapter 7. Build an iPad Portfolio
      1. 5 Steps to Create a Great Portfolio
      2. Prepare Images for the Portfolio
      3. Create Your Portfolio
      4. Present Your Portfolio
    14. Chapter 8. Share Photos
      1. Upload Images to Photo-Sharing Services
      2. Email Photos
      3. Share Photos Using Adobe Revel
      4. Print Photos from the iPad
    15. Appendix. App Reference
      1. Chapter 1: Capture Photos with the iPad
      2. Chapter 2: The iPad on Location
      3. Chapter 3: The iPad in the Studio
      4. Chapter 4: Rate and Tag Photos
      5. Chapter 5: Edit Photos on the iPad
      6. Chapter 6: Edit Video on the iPad
      7. Chapter 7: Build an iPad Portfolio
      8. Chapter 8: Share Photos
    16. Index
    17. Appendix Bonus. Helpful Apps for Photographers
      1. The iPad on Location
      2. The iPad in the Studio
      3. Portable Inspiration

    Product information

    • Title: The iPad for Photographers: Master the Newest Tool in Your Camera Bag, Second Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: May 2013
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780133383263