The iPod Book: Doing cool stuff with the iPod and the iTunes Music Store, Second Edition

Book description

There are basically two kinds of iPod books: (1) The "tell me all about it" kind, which includes in-depth discussions on compression algorithms, debates about analog vs. digital equalizers; and tutorials on how to export your playlist in Unicode format. (2) There's this book. It's not a "tell me all about it" book, it’s a "show me how to do it" book.

Award-winning author Scott Kelby shows you step-by-step how it's all done, using the same casual, plain-English style that has made him one of the world's best-selling technology authors. You'll learn how to do only the most important, most requested, and just plain cool things you're going to want to do with your iPod–so you can start having fun with it today. Right now!

Each page covers just one topic, complete with full color photos, making it easy to find just what you're looking for fast. Plus, it shows you how to get the most from the iTunes Music Store, how to integrate your iPod into your car, which iPod accessories are hot, how to use photos with your iPod, and everything you need to know about the latest addition to the iPod family, the new iPod Nano! It's all here–in the only book of its kind–and you're gonna love it!

Table of contents

  1. Table of Contents (1/3)
  2. Table of Contents (2/3)
  3. Table of Contents (3/3)
  4. Chapter One: I Can't Help Myself: The Chapter for People Who Must Play a Song Right Now
    1. Read This Before You Read ANYTHING!
    2. Don't Charge Your iPod, Yet
    3. Picking Your Song
    4. What If There's No Song on Your Computer (Yet)?
    5. Connecting Your iPod to Your Computer
    6. Disconnecting from Your Computer
    7. Connecting the Headphones
    8. Waking Your iPod and Playing a Song
    9. Pausing, Stopping, Hearing It Again
    10. You Did It!
  5. Chapter Two: The Outsiders: How to Work the Stuff on the Outside of Your iPod
    1. Getting Music into Your iPod
    2. Turning Your iPod On and Off
    3. Navigating: New iPods and the iPod nano
    4. Navigating: Older iPods
    5. Using the Click Wheel and Playing Songs
    6. Fast Forward in the Song
    7. Not Sure Which Song You Want? Then Choose Music
    8. Done Listening? Put It to Sleep
    9. How to Keep from Draining Your Battery
    10. Turning on the Backlight
    11. Battery Saver: Controlling Your Backlight Time
    12. Updating Your iPod
    13. Charging Your Battery (Using AC Power)
    14. Charging Your Battery (Using the Dock)
    15. How's Your Battery Life?
    16. Replacing Your iPod's Battery
    17. Using External Speakers
    18. Playing Video on Your iPod
  6. Chapter Three: Pod's Theme: iPod Essentials
    1. Customizing the Main Menu
    2. Rating Your Favorites
    3. How to "Scrub" through the Current Song
    4. Getting to Your Playlists
    5. Shuffling Your Song Order
    6. Repeating the Current Song or Playlist
    7. Importing Songs Already on your Computer
    8. Which Song Formats Work with Your iPod?
    9. Finding Out How Much Space Is Left for More Songs
    10. Deleting a Song from Your iPod
    11. Creating a Playlist Right within Your iPod (On-The-Go)
    12. Controlling Your iPod's Volume
    13. Enhancing Your Sound Quality (EQ)
    14. Saving Your Ears from Volume Abuse
    15. Using Your iPod as a Watch
    16. Setting an Alarm
    17. Turning Off the Click Sound
    18. Playing Games
    19. Listening to Audiobooks on Your iPod
    20. Renaming Your iPod
  7. Chapter Four: It's Tricky: Cool iPod Tips & Tricks
    1. Using Your iPod as a Removable Hard Disk
    2. Turning Off iPod Auto-Updating
    3. Troubleshooting: Your iPod Won't Turn On
    4. What to Do If Your iPod Locks Up
    5. Your iPod as Contact Manager
    6. Putting Playlists in the Order You Want Them
    7. A Playlist Just on Your iPod but Not in iTunes
    8. Making Smarter Smart Playlists Using Keywords
    9. Making Sure All Your Songs are Rated
    10. Safeguarding Your iPod with Screen Lock
  8. Chapter Five: Cars: Using the iPod in Your Car
    1. Full iPod Integration for Luxury Cars
    2. Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter
    3. Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter
    4. iPod Holder for Your Car—You Need One More Than You Think
    5. Monster iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter
    6. Sony's CPA-9C iPod Cassette Adapter
    7. Dension's ice>Link Plus
    8. Dr.Bott's iPod Universal Connection Kit II with Tape Adapter
    9. Alpine KCA-420i iPod Interface Unit
    10. If Your Car Has an Auxiliary Input, You're Almost There!
    11. Belkin Auto Kit for iPod (Has Line Out)
    12. RemoteRemote (from Engineered Audio)
    13. TEN Technology's naviPod Wireless Remote
  9. Chapter Six: Get the Freeze-Frame: Using Your iPod's Photo Features
    1. Mac: Importing Photos onto Your iPod
    2. Windows PC: Importing Photos onto Your iPod
    3. How to Import Just Specific Photo Albums
    4. Viewing Photos You've Imported
    5. Seeing Full-Color Album Art
    6. Seeing a Slideshow
    7. Adding Music to Your Slideshow
    8. Changing the Duration of Each Slide
    9. Using Your iPod for Presentations
    10. Seeing Your Slideshow on TV
    11. Storing Photos from a Digital Camera's Memory Card
    12. Deleting Rolls of Photos from Your iPod
    13. Getting Your Stored Photos Back on Your Computer
    14. Getting Info on Your Imported Digital Camera Photos
  10. Chapter Seven: Home Sweet Home: iTunes Essentials
    1. Limiting How Much iTunes Displays
    2. Getting More Song Info
    3. Editing Your Song's Info
    4. Editing More Than One Song at One Time
    5. Updating Just One Info Field
    6. Adding your Own Custom Genres
    7. Help for People Who Don't Know the Words
    8. Changing the Sort Order: Last to First
    9. Finding the Song That's Playing Now
    10. Find Songs by Browsing
    11. Finding a Song
    12. Searching Made Smarter
    13. Clearing a Song's Play Count
    14. Deleting Songs
    15. iTunes' Built-In VU Meters
    16. Organizing the Songs on Your Hard Disk
    17. Straight from CD to Playlist
    18. Set Up Your CDs to Import Automatically
    19. Auto-Naming for Imported CD Songs
    20. Save Hard Disk Space When Importing CDs
    21. Combining Two Tracks into One
    22. Salvaging Damaged CDs
    23. Burning a CD
    24. Fitting More Songs on Your CDs
    25. Setting the Gap Between Burned Songs
  11. Chapter Eight: Imaginary Player: Playlists and Smart Playlists
    1. Creating Your Own Playlists
    2. Removing Songs from a Playlist
    3. Removing an Entire Playlist
    4. Another Way to Create Playlists
    5. Making a List of Your Playlists
    6. Combining Two Playlists into One
    7. Finding the Length of Your Playlist
    8. Putting Your Songs in Your Order
    9. Rearranging Your Column Order
    10. Rating Your Songs (and Why You Should)
    11. Putting Your Ratings to Work
    12. Using Genres to Create a Smart Playlist
    13. Create a Smart Playlist of Your Least-Played Songs
    14. A Smart Playlist for Short Trips
    15. Get This Party Started with Party Shuffle
    16. Party Shuffling from a Playlist
    17. Making the Random Shuffle More Random
    18. Cutting Playlist Clutter with Playlist Folders
    19. Smart Playlist Idea for DJs
    20. Smart Playlist Idea: No Explicit Lyrics
    21. Smart Playlist Idea: Good '80s Songs Instantly
    22. Smart Playlist Idea: Your Real Top 100
  12. Chapter Nine: Proof of Purchase: Using the iTunes Music Store
    1. Navigating the ITMS
    2. The Homepage Navigation Dots
    3. You Can Browse in the ITMS Too!
    4. Making Your Searches Make Sense
    5. Can't Find It? Try a Power Search!
    6. Finding Songs from When You Graduated
    7. Quickly Finding All of an Artist's Songs
    8. Emailing Your Uncovered Treasures
    9. Finding Out if You Already Have This Song
    10. Seeing the Big Cover!
    11. Why You Need to Back Up Your Purchased Songs
    12. A Source for Musical Inspiration
    13. Setting Your Video Screen Size
    14. Protecting Your Kids from Explict Lyrics
    15. Controlling Your Spending
    16. Keeping a Tab on Your Spending
    17. Setting Up an iTunes Allowance
    18. Stop Unauthorized People from Buying Music
    19. Sharing ITMS Music
    20. Speeding Up Sharing and Previews
    21. Got a Slow Connection? Get Better Previews
    22. Buying TV Shows & Music Videos
  13. Chapter Ten: Tip Drill: Cool iTunes Tips
    1. Adding Smooth Transitions Between Songs
    2. Finding Your Original Songs (for Easy Backup)
    3. Editing a Song's Start/End Points
    4. Using Album Art to Help You Navigate
    5. Deleting Album Art
    6. Printing Your Own CD Jewel Case Inserts
    7. Printing Song and Album Listings
    8. The Ultimate Space Saver
    9. Converting Your Songs
    10. Moving Playlists Between Computers
    11. Sharing Your Music over a Network
    12. iTunes Radio Is on the Air!
    13. Making Playlists of Your Favorite Stations
    14. It's Time to Get Visual
    15. Maximize Your Experience
    16. Controlling the Visuals
    17. Extreme Visuals
    18. Balancing the Volume Between Songs
    19. Making Your Music Sound Better
    20. Individual EQ Settings by Song
    21. How Many Playlists Does a Song Appear In?
    22. Wirelessly Streaming Music to Your Stereo
  14. Chapter Eleven: Add It On: iPod Accessories (and the iTunes Phone)
    1. Bose SoundDock Digital Music System
    2. JBL On Stage Speakers
    3. Altec Lansing inMotion iM3c Audio System
    4. iPod Socks
    5. Colorize Your iPod
    6. Marware iPod Armbands
    7. Bose QuietComfort 2 Headphones
    8. Bang & Olufsen A8 Headphones
    9. Griffin iTalk Voice Recorder
    10. AirPort Express for Streaming iTunes
    11. The Motorola ROKR iTunes Phone
    12. Setting Up Your iTunes Phone
    13. Getting Songs Into Your iTunes Phone
    14. Managing Your iTunes Phone
    15. Playing Songs on Your iTunes Phone
    16. Using Your iTunes Phone on Your Next Flight
  15. Chapter Twelve: Get the Lido Shuffle: How to Use Apple's iPod shuffle
    1. Getting Songs into Your iPod Shuffle
    2. Getting Songs You Actually Want
    3. Turning On Your iPod shuffle
    4. Hearing the Songs on Your iPod shuffle
    5. Adjusting the Volume
    6. Manually Adding Songs to Your iPod shuffle
    7. Edit Your Shuffle Playlist without Connecting
    8. How to Fit More Songs on Your iPod shuffle
    9. Finding Out How Much Battery Is Left
    10. Locking the Buttons
    11. Something Acting Funky? Try Resetting
    12. Storing Files on Your iPod shuffle
    13. When Do You Need to Eject the iPod shuffle?
  16. Chapter Thirteen: Cast of Angels: How to Download (and Create Your Own) Podcasts
    1. Finding Podcasts
    2. Downloading and Subscribing to Podcasts
    3. Listening to Podcasts
    4. Watching Video Podcasts
    5. Managing Your Podcasts
    6. Downloading Podcasts Not Listed in iTunes
    7. Getting Your Podcasts onto Your iPod
    8. Playing Podcasts on Your iPod
    9. Recording Your Own Podcasts
    10. Getting It Ready to Air
    11. Compressing Your Podcast
    12. Going "On the Air" (Step One)
    13. The Second Step: Creating a Blog
    14. A Little More of the Second Step
    15. The Final Step
  17. Appendix: Recommended Dose: A Peek at My Own Personal, Ultra-Secret, Yet Surprisingly Way-Cool Playlists
    1. Scott's Big Hair Rock Mix Playlist
    2. Scott's '80s Club Dance Mix Playlist
    3. Scott's All-Around Feel-Good Mix
    4. Jordan's Radio Disney-Like Playlist
    5. Terry's Top 25
    6. Where to Go for More Song Ideas
  18. Index
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. F
    7. G
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    16. P
    17. Q
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Product information

  • Title: The iPod Book: Doing cool stuff with the iPod and the iTunes Music Store, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Scott Kelby
  • Release date: October 2005
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 0321422287