The iPod & iTunes Pocket Guide24
off and then on. The shuf e will continue playing
if you do this rapidly enough. A green-glowing LED
indicates a full charge (even after the shuf e has
played for several hours). If you see an amber light,
the shuffl e is low on power. A red light indicates that
it’s really low on power, and no light at all tells you
that the shuf e is completely drained and should be
plugged into a power source to charge.
Ports and connectors:
Dock-connector iPods
The iPod doesn’t work by osmosis. You need a hole
for the sound to get out (and, in some cases, in), and
another hole for moving data on and off the device.
Here’s what you’ll fi nd on the Dock-connector iPods.
Headphone jack and Hold switch
The 3G and all click-wheel iPods except the iPod
nano and 5G iPod sport a Headphone jack, a Hold
switch, and an iPod Remote Control connector up top
(Figure 2.5 and Figure 2.6).
Figure 2.5 Top
of the 4G iPod.
Figure 2.6 Port
cap atop the
iPod mini.
Chapter 2: Controls and Interface 25
You’ll fi nd the iPod nano’s Hold switch on top but
the Headphone port on the bottom (Figure 2.7).
The nano and 5G iPod have no Remote Control port.
The Headphone jack and Hold switch provide audio
output and disable the iPod’s controls, working
nearly the same way on today’s iPod and iPod nano
as they did on older models.
Figure 2.7
Top of the 2G
iPod nano.
I say nearly because the Headphone jack, in combina-
tion with the Remote Control connector on 3G-and-later
standard iPods up to the 5G iPod, supports not only
audio output, but also audio input. With a compatible
microphone, you can record low-quality audio (8 kHz)
on these iPods. The 5G iPod and 2G iPod nano support
higher-resolution audio recording via their Dock
Connector ports and a compatible microphone. See
Chapter 6 for more on compatible iPod microphones.
The standard color iPod’s Headphone jack is different
from that on other iPods in that it’s capable of also
transmitting composite video. Though an iPod nano can
display pictures on its screen, it doesn’t support connec-
tions to external video devices.

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