The iPod & iTunes Pocket Guide164
made by Griffi n Technology (Figure 6.2). Transmitters
that do this put out a stronger signal that’s more
likely to overpower encroaching radio stations. Sure,
you lose stereo separation, but at least you’re not
listening to hiss and static.
Finally, transmitters that plug into your car’s ciga-
rette lighter port offer not only the advantage that
they provide power to your iPod, but also tend to put
out a more powerful signal.
As the capabilities of FM transmitters change fairly
frequently, I’ll tell you only that these devices are
made by companies such as Belkin (www.belkin.
com), DLO (, Griffi n Technology, and
Kensington ( I’ve reviewed
many for Playlist magazine (;
check there for up-to-date evaluations.
Power to the People
Like the heads of government, your iPod needs power
to do its job. To bring power to your iPod, consider
these accessories.
iPod Power Adapter
Once upon a time, Apple included power adapters
with full-size iPods. No more. Because its a drag to
have to fi nd a computer with an available powered
USB port (or FireWire port, if you have the right
cable) to charge your iPod, I think an iPod Power
Adapter is a necessity. Apple will sell you one for $29.
Figure 6.2
Griffi n
iTrip nano FM

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