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The Journey of the Accidental Leader

Book Description

You're looking around for a leader – someone else to take charge – when the responsibility to take action falls upon you. Here's a fictional story that will ensure you're up to the challenge of unexpectedly becoming a leader. This business parable describes an untimely death and the journey of the leader suddenly put in charge of a company. The story demonstrates some of the leadership lessons the author learned while with an organization that has trained some of the nation's most successful leaders – the United States Marine Corps. In 10 chapters, Dr. Gladis elaborates on the meaning of these important lessons: No one knows what they're doing until the try; You get what you give; Build trust by character, competence, caring, commitment and consistency; Change isn't easy. But if you do it right, everyone wins; You have to have a vision to make it comes true; To create a positive culture, show people by your actions what you believe in – don't just tell them; Leadership is all about courage; The long march begins with the first bold step; Change will happen – embrace it by sticking to your principles; Leaders have a passion for people. Inspirational and motivational, this engaging story is full of insight and perspectives that will pave the way for both current and future accidental leaders.