20The Happiness Alphabet

  • Q. How do you put yourself in a better mood when you’re in a bad mood?

    A. Recite the Happiness Alphabet.

The Happiness Alphabet is an activity I used to do with my mom when she was not feeling well. She was usually a very positive, productive, practical, and successful businesswoman. A real problem-solver. But there were a few rare times when her thoughts would turn negative during her cancer treatments, making life tough. To get through those tough times, she would write down the letters of the alphabet and put a positive word next to each. When I would visit her, we would say them out loud. She, or I, would say a letter, and then we would each say a positive word beginning with that letter, and it would elevate our moods. Below is an example of one round of the Happiness Alphabet.

  • A is for Awesome
  • B is for Beautiful
  • C is for Creative
  • D is for Delightful
  • E is for Enthusiastic
  • F is for Fantastic
  • G is for Gorgeous
  • H is for Hilarious
  • I is for Incredible
  • J is for Joy
  • K is for Kind
  • L is for Love
  • M is for Marvelous
  • N is for Nice
  • O is for Outstanding
  • P is for Prosperous
  • Q is for a Quiet
  • R is for Resilient
  • S is for Sensational
  • T is for Terrific
  • U is for Unbelievable
  • V is for Vivacious
  • W is for Wonderful
  • X is for X-Factor 1
  • Y is for Youthful
  • Z is for Zealous.

For the cynics reading this saying, “Oh pleeeze. …” What if we were to do the Anti-Happiness Alphabet? Perhaps that might make you happier.

If so, it might look something like this:

  • A is for Awful, ...

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