Chapter 4Requirements Definition

We firmly believe that business acceptance is the most critical measure of DW/BI success. If the business doesn't embrace the DW/BI deliverables to support its decision making processes, then the DW/BI initiative is an exercise in futility as far as we're concerned, despite potential technical feats of accomplishment. And if you don't learn what the business really needs from the data warehouse, you can't provide it.

This chapter begins by focusing on techniques to effectively elicit requirements from the business stakeholders and representatives. It touches upon the value of data profiling early in your DW/BI project, then describes the importance of organizing the business's needs around the organization's core process subject areas; these building block processes help establish appropriate boundaries for the downstream design and development activities. Finally, the closing article details the activities required to bring the requirements definition process to an orderly conclusion.

Gathering Requirements

The articles in this section provide detailed Dos and Don'ts for gathering requirements from the business. Good listening skills are a critical prerequisite.

1 4.1 Alan Alda's Interviewing Tips for Uncovering Business Requirements

Margy Ross, Intelligent Enterprise, May 1, 2005

Alan Alda is still widely known as “Hawkeye” Pierce from the hit ...

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