capacity for growth and, 168169

expectations of, 224

metrics and, 1314

acquisition, resisting an, 98

adjustments, targets and, 68

agenda, sample, 7273

alignment, the secret to, 56

ambiguity, 176181

annual plan,

coming up with an, 8993

quantum button in your, 98

architecture of the business, the, 7999

audits, separating process, 81

avatar, definition of an, 142143

behavior, paying attention to, 2223

behaviors, rewarding, 153158

bias, cognitive, 19


how to pay, 160161

individually crafted, 16

budgets, developing a culture that masters, 215

business model, tracking subtle change in the, 54

cash, maintaining adequate, 54

categories, the benefits of defining, 89

certainty, seeking clarity instead of, 44

choice ...

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