Leader Lab Wrap-up

In the last chapter, we spoke about the importance of acknowledging and demarcating progress. So, let's do it! You've now reached the final chapter of this book, and it's time to celebrate. Let's first reflect on all the BUs, skills, and tools you've collected, briefly check in with Mia the Manager, then finally, re-test your leadership skills so you can see how far you've come.

Core BUs, Skills, and Tools at a Glance

Do a quick scan of each of the Behavioral Units, skills, and tools you've added to your manager toolbox. Quiz yourself to see if you remember them and consider how you've applied each one:

Core Behavioral Units
Q-step Playback Deblur Validate Linkup Pause Extract
Core skills and tools
Coaching SOON Funnel
Feedback Q-BIQ Method, Feedback Salsa
Productivity Time language, stop/start meetings on time, time audit, MITs, Quadrants, Buckets, CCS, Closed Loop Culture, If-thens, Pomodoro, Kanban
One-on-Ones CAMPS Model
Strategy Gap analysis, 3 Lenses Model, UC Check, Inclusive Planning
Meetings 4P Opener, q-storm, round-robins, rotate roles, defer judgment, idea quotas, cross-pollinate, DACI, Impact/Feasibility Map, pros/cons/mitigations
Change CAMPS listening tour, vision statement, simplify the plan, plan early wins, overcommunicate, behavioral cues, normalize change
Development Capability Mapping, Zoom Out, Venn Zone, IDPs, 3E Model

Mia the Manager

Using the Core BUs and Skills above, our hero – Mia the manager – has ...

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