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The Leadership Contract Field Guide

Book Description

Commit to great leadership and implement it today

The Leadership Contract Field Guide provides a practical blueprint for implementing the Leadership Contract. Reading is one thing, but new ideas cannot be useful until they are put into practice—so now it is time to commit. Review the major tenets of great leadership, internalize them, and look around at your organization; what does your organization currently need the most? Where is the clear deficit? What do your people most need right now to work to their full potential? That’s where you start. Decisions? Make them. Obligations? Fulfill them. Hard work? Toughen up. Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility, and this book shows you how to move from conceptualizing “great leadership” into practicing great leadership—starting today.

This guide summarizes what you learned in The Leadership Contract, and integrates that knowledge into real-world actions that make you more effective, while new discussion on accountability draws from research and case studies from major organizations to give you fresh perspective and valuable insight. The result is a clear roadmap to high performance, and you’re standing on the starting line—are you ready to go?

  • Review the key points of what it means to lead
  • Focus on accountability and fulfilling obligations
  • Identify and accommodate organizational needs
  • Implement the Contract to become a more effective leader

Your employees are your biggest, most valuable asset, and you should be theirs. You need to equip them to succeed, motivate them to achieve, and inspire them to new heights with each and every interaction. In word and in deed, you must walk the walk every single day. This is what great leadership looks like, and it is already inside of you. The Leadership Contract Field Guide gives you a systematic blueprint for unleashing your very best and achieving so much more.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Introduction: Let's Get Started
  6. Section One: The Core Ideas
    1. Chapter 1: What Is Leadership Accountability?
      1. Mediocre Leadership and Its Impact
      2. Leadership Accountability
      3. Final Thoughts
    2. Chapter 2: What Is the Leadership Contract?
      1. Final Thoughts
    3. Chapter 3: Leadership Accountability in Action
      1. Final Thoughts
  7. Section Two: The Foundational Practices for Living the Leadership Contract
    1. Chapter 4: The World in Which You Lead
      1. Complete the Leadership Context Map
      2. The Importance of Getting Clarity
      3. Final Thoughts
    2. Chapter 5: Leadership Is a Decision—Make It
      1. Step 1: Determine Your Critical Leadership Experiences
      2. Step 2: Map Your Critical Experiences on Your Timeline
      3. Step 3: Identify Common Themes and Patterns
      4. Share Your Leadership Story
      5. Final Thoughts
    3. Chapter 6: Leadership Is an Obligation—Step Up
      1. What Is Your Desired Value and Impact as a Leader?
      2. Final Thoughts
    4. Chapter 7: Leadership Is Hard Work—Get Tough
      1. Build Resilience and Personal Resolve
      2. Learn How to Have Tough Conversations
      3. Other Ways to Leverage the Ideas in This Chapter
      4. Final Thoughts
    5. Chapter 8: Leadership Is a Community—Connect
      1. Your Experience with Leadership Cultures
      2. Assessing the Leadership Culture in Your Organization
      3. The Community of Leaders Manifesto: Making the Intangible Tangible
      4. Be a Community Builder Every Day
      5. Other Ways to Leverage The Community of Leaders Manifesto
      6. Final Thoughts
  8. Section Three: The Regular Practices for Living the Leadership Contract
    1. Chapter 9: Regular Practices for Living the Leadership Contract
      1. Daily Actions for Living the Leadership Contract
      2. Weekly Actions for Living the Four Terms of the Leadership Contract
      3. Quarterly Actions for Living the Four Terms of the Leadership Contract
      4. An Annual Practice for Living the Four Terms of the Leadership Contract
      5. Final Thoughts
  9. Section Four: The Turning Points of Leadership
    1. Chapter 10: Use the Turning Points of Leadership to Make Better Career Decisions
      1. Turning Point 1: Individual Contributors and Emerging Leaders
      2. Turning Point 2: Front-Line Leaders
      3. Turning Point 3: Mid-Level Leaders
      4. Turning Point 4: Executive Leaders
      5. Other Ways to Leverage the Turning Points of Leadership
      6. Final Thoughts
  10. Conclusion
  11. About the Author
  12. About The Leadership Contract
  13. Bring The Leadership Contract into Your Organization to Build Strong Leadership Accountability
  14. About Lee Hecht Harrison
  15. About the Adecco Group
  16. Acknowledgments
  17. Index
  18. End User License Agreement