CHAPTER 14Brave New World

As Lisa Nichols sped down the highway in her 1994 Ford Explorer packed to the brim with everything to her name, she drove 97 miles south. With her five-year-old son in the passenger seat, it hit her: she did it. She’d left the known, the comfortable, and all the safety nets of security in exchange for the thrill of possibility. She hadn’t accomplished anything yet—except everything in the world; she had taken the leap of her life.

“Driving down the highway, there was this immense joy that I had already done it. But that wasn’t the I did it called creating my life, but that I gave myself a chance. I trusted myself to give myself opportunity to buy my freedom and I did it. You don’t want to leave this place having not given yourself a chance to do the thing.”1

Facing the unknown, she felt a duality of excitement mixed with fear of not knowing. This is the leap in action. You’ve made the decision. You’ve had your moment. And now, you’ve crossed the threshold into a brave new world.

What happens now?

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