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Megan H. Rothrock
Nickname: megs/megzter
Profession: Author and Toy Designer
Nationality: American
Website: www.flickr.com/photos/megzter/
We, I think we’re
ready for our dier
guest! To top it o, it’s
lovely weather today,
isn’t it, Brickbot?
If you say so, Megs.
I do not acknowledge
the weather.
Hm, I’ve never
thought of building
statues of my pets!
Hi, Nabii, Glad
you made it!
Ah, there
he is!
Gd to s
you, Megs. It
lks like you’ve
bn building a
lot since I last
saw you.
Indd! I have bn kping
myself busy building since my
LEGO Adventure! Here, check
out some of my latest work.
I ca these
two garden
statues Drk
and Bandit.
Heh, I’ show you how I
built them and some other
new aitions t!

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