The Destructor.
Iaidentay frd
him, and now he’s—
The what?
Hey! What are you
doing to my truck!
That’s not how it’s
suosed to lk!
Soy! We just
rebuilt it after it
got destroyed by
The Destructor.
I dont have
timefor this.
Ihave gas
What on earth
was that?
I dont know, but I suspect
The Destructor had something
to do with it. We, everything
sms to be fine here now, so
I’m going to go check it out!
We, so much for
being helpful...
Yeah, I know, right?
I wi! Thanks for
the tour, are.
syou around!
Gd luck, Megs, and
be careful! Maybe you
could hitch a ride with
that guy. he sms to be
headed thatway, t.

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