Row Boat
Barney´s ships are amazing!
He adds accent colors, like
white and black, to break
up the brown of the ship
and add interest to what
could otherwise be a plain
area. The string rigging
helps to hold the masts
and spars up, and it makes
the ship look much more
realistic. The string is not
official LEGO string, and
Barney also made his own
sails out of cloth. Maybe
I´ll try that!
I’m on it, Brickbot.
Goa go, Barney.
Chrs for the tour!
Fair winds,
me beauty!
Megs, I have intercepted
a transmission about a
“royal mess.” I think you
can be of assistance.
Beaming you there now!
Oh no! Brickbot
was right. this is
a royal me!
Argh! A nefarious
figure with wild pink
hair just destroyed
my lovely home!!
Thatsounds like
theDestructor. he’s
bn tearing apart
LEGO models a over
the place! Im Megs.
I’vebn trying to
track him down.
We, I could have
done without his visit.
I’mBirgie. I’d just
fixed up my house for a
new family who wi be
aiving sn! I’ve so
much to rebuild. Ifear
I’ never finish in time!
Dont woy, Birgie.
I’ help you rebuild.
many hands make
Yes, that’s true.
thank you for
yo u r h e l p.
The family’s father is
a new member of the
King’s Guard at the castle
in nearby Snugburg.
Oncethe house is rebuilt,
Ican give you a tour
At least my
caots are
sti here.

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