In the Garden
There, That lks
much beer! Just
in time. You go
hide, Megs, and I’
change into period
dre so the new
family doesn’t get
hope you had
a gd trip.
We did, thank you. Our
new home is briiant
perfect for my flower
shop. I think we wi
bevery hay here.
I’m sure you wi. This was my
childhd dream home, and I have
bn very hay here. Now it is
time for me to move on and build
anotherdream home. Here’s the key.
Thank you again,
and gd luck!
We’re open
for busine!
Building Tip
Flowers and plants really brings a LEGO
display to life. It only takes a few brightly
colored LEGO bricks to build some plants,
and an old barrel or crate can make a nice
planter box for them.

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