1 2
Now that we’ve rebuilt
the tower, we could use
something to defend
ourselves a bit beer.
Why not build a catapult?
That should scare The
Destructor and any other
monsters about.
Ah yes.
idea, Megs!
The catapult is a
bit complicated
and requires
some string and
strong ruer
bands. Watch
out for flying
debris when you
use it and don’t
aim at anybody!
×1 ×2
×1 ×4 ×4
×1 ×2 ×1 ×2
×2 ×2 ×4
×4 ×3 ×4 ×2 ×3
×2 ×6 ×3 ×10
5 6 7
8 9
10 11
12 13
Building Tip
Putting the rubber
band on can be
a bit tricky. First
thread it under
the 2×6 plate and
pull it over the 1×2
handle, and then
adjust it on the
16 17
14 15
Marco has created a very cool world!
He often finds inspiration in online building
contests. Before he starts building any
structures, he uses minifigures to come
up with new characters, which are
essential to his models. He thinks about
what kind of environment they would live
in, like snow, mountains, or swamplands,
and considers the elevation. After he
has built the terrain, he imagines the kind
of buildings that would exist there. He
plans it all out in his head and then builds
each model to suit its environment. When
I build, I should consider not only the
buildings but their surroundings and how
they flow with each other.
Building Tip
You can add more rubber bands to
the catapult to increase its power, but
adding too many could break it apart.

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