Locking Parts with Brackets
The LEGO System has two kinds of brackets:
upward-facing (shown in grey) and downward-
facing (red). They canbe used to lock parts of
yourmodel together.
Building with Brackets
Brackets lineup with other LEGO pieces
to allow for stronger and more complex
Building with a Slope Transition
This is one way of creating a smooth transition
whenplacing slope bricks at different angles.
Maintaining the Correct Spacing
Sideways-building bricks (shown in tan) have studs
on the top and on the side. Placing two layers of
plates between each row of these bricks allows you
to keep the correct spacing as you build sideways.
This also works for LEGOTechnic pieces.
Arch Geometry
Several of the bow and arch pieces t inside
Here are some
advanced techniques
for building with

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