There are many, many people who have helped me bring this book to reality. Because so many have been so helpful, I am acknowledging people in their order of appearance in my life. My first thanks would have to go to my parents, for all the obvious reasons and more. In particular, I want to thank my mother, Kay D. Owens, who always supported my ideas and dreams, and never let my dyslexia and all the experts stop me from trying to live my dreams. She has played many other roles throughout my life, but specifically I am so grateful for her role as a business consultant in helping to set up and run my companies, even through today, where she functions as Navigoe's CFO. It was my father, Captain William Douglas Leonard, U.S. Navy, who first took me sailing on Lake Michigan. His passion for the water and sailing was contagious. As with many members of my family, he had the highest integrity and often spent long hours talking about right and wrong. He is sorely missed; I am sad he is no longer with us.

A book that came about due to a dream to sail could not have happened without the Ramsyer family. My best friend growing up, Kent, and his parents, Richard and Carol, were my gateway to sailing. I am sure the dream to sail around the world was discussed between Kent and me as we sailed around Alamitos Bay in Southern California. And I am always indebted to Carol and Dick for letting Kent and me, plus Daniel Gregory, Michael Stea, and Jon Cruz, take their boat multiple times ...

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