Editing Multiple Files

It’s often useful to edit more than one file at a time. You might need to make changes to multiple files, or you may need to copy content from one file into another. With vi we can open multiple files for editing by specifying them on the command line:

vi file1 file2 file3...

Let’s exit our existing vi session and create a new file for editing. Type :wq to exit vi, saving our modified text. Next, we’ll create an additional file in our home directory that we can play with. We’ll create the file by capturing some output from the ls command:

[me@linuxbox ˜]$ ls -l /usr/bin > ls-output.txt

Let’s edit our old file and our new one with vi:

[me@linuxbox ˜]$ vi foo.txt ls-output.txt

vi will start up, and we will see the first file on ...

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