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The Little Black Book of Project Management, 3rd Edition

Book Description

For nearly twenty years, The Little Black Book of Project Management has provided businesspeople everywhere with a quick and effective introduction to project management tools and methodology. The revised and updated third edition reflects the newest techniques, the latest project management software, as well as the most recent changes to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK™). Readers will find invaluable strategies for: • Organizing any project • Choosing the project team • Preparing a budget and sticking to it • Scheduling, flowcharting, and controlling a project • Preparing project documentation • Managing communications • And much more A fast-read solution for both seasoned and first-time project managers, The Little Black Book of Project Management can help any professional achieve on-time results, superior organizational ability, consistent profit generation, and a reputation for both quality and dependability.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. List of Figures
  6. Introduction to the Third Edition
  7. 1 Organizing for the Long Term
    1. Background for Project Management
    2. Project Definitions
    3. Definition and Control
    4. A New Look for Project Management
    5. The Successful Project Manager
    6. The Methodical Manager
    7. Project Classification
    8. Work Project
  8. 2 The Six Sigma Approach
    1. The Meaning of Six Sigma
    2. Business Process Management (BPM)
    3. Project Participants and Goal Definitions
    4. Defining Goals in Terms of Customer Service
    5. Work Project
  9. 3 Creating the Plan
    1. Setting Leadership Goals
    2. Building Your Resource Network
    3. Structuring Your Project Team
    4. Defining the Project’s Scope
    5. Holding a Project Announcement Meeting
    6. Setting Project Objectives
    7. Developing the Initial Schedule
    8. Identifying Key Elements Necessary for Project Success
    9. Work Project
  10. 4 Choosing the Project Team
    1. The Imposed Team Problem
    2. The Commitment Problem
    3. Ten important Team-Building Guidelines
    4. Defining Areas of Responsibility
    5. Estimating Time Requirements
    6. Working with Other Departments
    7. The Executive Point of View
    8. Delegation Problems and Solutions
    9. Work Project
  11. 5 Preparing the Project Budget
    1. Budgeting Responsibility
    2. Checklist: Effective Budgets
    3. Labor Expense: The Primary Factor
    4. Additional Budgeting Segments
    5. Budgeting Each Phase of Your Project
    6. Budgeting Controls
    7. Work Project
  12. 6 Establishing a Schedule
    1. The Scheduling Problem
    2. The Gantt Chart
    3. Scheduling Control
    4. The Scheduling Solution
    5. Gantt Limitations
    6. Work Project
  13. 7 Flowcharting for Project Control
    1. Guidelines for Project Control
    2. Listing Out the Phases
    3. Work Breakdown Structures
    4. CPM and PERT Methods
    5. Automated Project Management Systems
    6. Setting Your Flowcharting Rules
    7. Work Project
  14. 8 Designing the Project Flowchart
    1. Activity and Event Sequences
    2. The Vertical Flowchart and Its Limitations
    3. The Horizontal Network Diagram and Its Advantages
    4. Building the Network Diagram
    5. Applying the Network Diagram
    6. Expanded Applications
    7. Work Project
  15. 9 Managing the Value Chain in the Project
    1. Attributes of the Value Chain
    2. Risk Management and the Value Chain
    3. How Value Is Incorporated into the Big Picture
    4. Value: An Intangible Turned into a Tangible
    5. Work Project
  16. 10 Writing the Supporting Documentation
    1. Project Narratives
    2. More Than Paperwork
    3. Simplifying Instructions
    4. The Diagram/Narrative Combination
    5. Project Control Documentation
    6. Work Project
  17. 11 Conducting the Project Review
    1. Defining Success
    2. The Progress Review
    3. Project Leadership Attributes
    4. Monitoring and Reporting
    5. The Missed Deadline
    6. The Accelerated Schedule
    7. The Changing Objective
    8. Staying on Course
    9. Work Project
  18. 12 The Communication Challenge
    1. Communication Skills Project Managers Need
    2. The Budget as a Communication Tool
    3. The Schedule as a Communication Tool
    4. Working with Department Managers
    5. Working with Other Department Employees
    6. Working with Outside Consultants
    7. Weal Links in Communication
    8. How Flowcharting Helps
    9. Meeting with Outside Resources
    10. Running the Meeting
    11. Work Project
  19. 13 Project Management and Your Career
    1. An Organizational Science
    2. Attributes of Project Leadership
    3. Taking Charge
    4. Eliminating Common Problems
    5. Maximizing Your Skills
    6. Work Project
  20. 14 Finding the Best Project Management Software
  21. Appendix: Work Project Answers
  22. Glossary
  23. Index
  24. Footnote
    1. Ch09fn