The Little Book of Thinking Big

Book Description

Sunday Times #1 bestseller and long-awaited follow-up to the #1 bestselling Stop Talking, Start Doing

You can think big or you can think small, it all starts in the mind. What have you got to lose? If you aim for the stars you might just get there. Sometimes it pays off to think BIG and Richard Newton is here to get us thinking on a bigger scale than we ever imagined.

With the right thinking tools and the right approach you can release your inspiration and creativity, reset your ambition and direct your attention to the things that truly matter to you. And that can change your life.

Short and punchy with quick tips and inspiring graphics, The Little Book of Thinking Big will have your imagination, creativity and determination firing on all cylinders. You'll come away with a set of BIG goals to fuel and drive your BIG life.

Here's where it starts. This is a reset button. Push it.

Think bigger.

Table of Contents

  1. White Horse Whispering
  2. Habit 1: Swim Don't Float
    1. Life lessons from a sea squirt
    2. Energy begets energy
    3. Any mind will do
    4. Massive Monday
    5. It's very easy to stop thinking
  3. Habit 2: Clear Some (Head) Space
    1. The Sargasso Sea of the mind
    2. Your true north
    3. Beware the pre-occupation of narrow thinking
    4. “Excellent Sheep”
    5. Appreciate and contemplate
    6. Important stuff can't be measured
    7. The cult of busyness
    8. Snakeskin
    9. It's hard to love a fake
  4. Habit 3: Feed Your Mind
    1. The cargo cults
    2. You are not a tabula rasa
    3. Mash it up
    4. Hotei's mashup bag
    5. Bring a long, broad spoon
    6. Throw some people in your mashup bag
    7. A final thought about the cargo cults
  5. Habit 4: Notice Things
    1. Oh…
    2. Wobbliness and a razor sharp mind
    3. Hidden in plain sight
    4. Bringing it to the surface
    5. Jootsing
    6. Note
  6. Habit 5: Change reality (...don't deny it)
    1. Resistance is futile
    2. Push and pull
    3. Winners keep the ball in play
  7. Habit 6: Have a big ego and a small ego
    1. Be an amateur
    2. Seek mountains and obstacles
    3. Fight your corner
    4. You are a born optimist
  8. Habit 7: Know your weapon
    1. Stacking and flowing
    2. Passing the parcel
  9. Habit 8: Travel light
    1. Check your assumptions
    2. Beware the baggage you project onto the world
    3. Beware the baggage of consistency
    4. Ignore the manual
    5. The hot dog champ of thinking big
    6. Tips for seeing clearly
  10. Habit 9: ...Twang!
    1. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that twang
    2. Spread the word
    3. Being vulnerable
    4. Don't wrestle the wind
    5. Note
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  12. Image and Illustration List
  13. About the Author
  14. Acknowledgements
  15. Reading List – A Cheat Sheet for Thinking Big
  16. End User License Agreement

Product Information

  • Title: The Little Book of Thinking Big
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2014
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857085856