The Little Book of Emerging Markets: How to Make Money in the World's Fastest Growing Markets

Book description

The information you need to invest in emerging markets, in one Little Book

The world's economies are in a state of flux. The traditional dominance of the G7 countries is being challenged by emerging market nations like Brazil and India, and while investment opportunities in these countries abound, the risks can be extremely high. In this Little Book, Mark Mobius, an internationally-renowned expert on emerging market funds, explains the ins and outs of emerging market investment, providing practical guidance on picking industries and companies likely to win, and explaining why policies and regulations matter as much as balance sheets, how to recognize global contenders, techniques for managing risk, and how to get out at the right time.

The emerging markets are expected to be a key driver of future global economic growth, and with The Little Book of Emerging Markets in hand, you have everything you need to take full advantage of these incredible opportunities.

  • Explains how to pick the industries and companies mostly likely to boom, why policies and regulation are key to making intelligent investment decisions, how to recognize genuine opportunities, and much more

  • Includes invaluable techniques for managing your risk

  • Shows you how to get your money in and out of emerging markets without being burned

The Little Book of Emerging Markets is the perfect little guide to the world's most exciting investment opportunities.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Introduction
  7. Author’s Disclaimer
  8. Chapter One: What are Emerging Markets?
    1. The Name of the Game
    2. Emerging, Emerging, Emerged!
    3. The FELT Criteria
  9. Chapter Two: Top Reasons for Investing in Emerging Markets
    1. Why the Sudden Growth Spurt?
    2. A “Problem” of Too Many Choices
    3. All Markets are Volatile Sometimes
    4. Your Best Protection Is Diversification
  10. Chapter Three: Discovering Frontier Markets
    1. Why Invest in Frontier Markets?
    2. Dig Deeper to Find Gold
    3. Go Ahead, Feel the Excitement
  11. Chapter Four: Getting Down to Business
    1. Emerging Market Mutual Funds
    2. Domestic Listings of Emerging Market Companies
    3. Depositary Certificate Listings of Emerging Market Companies in Developed Stock Markets
    4. Exchange-Traded Funds
  12. Chapter Five: Is There a Right Way to Invest?
    1. Value versus Growth Orientation
    2. Short versus Long Term
    3. Bottom-Up versus Top-Down Investment Strategies
  13. Chapter Six: Researching Emerging Markets
    1. All Walks of Life
    2. Narrowing the Choices
    3. Is It a Buy or a Sell?
    4. What’s Its Worth?
  14. Chapter Seven: The Reality of Risk
    1. The Big Picture
    2. Hedging Your Bets
    3. Sit Tight, Don’t Worry, be Happy
  15. Chapter Eight: Timing Market Factors
    1. Understanding Foreign Exchange
    2. The Upside of Political Uncertainty
    3. Overcoming Your Fears and Moving On
  16. Chapter Nine: It’s Called Volatility
    1. A Research Challenge
    2. A Painful Lesson
    3. Don’t Forget to Use What You Learn
  17. Chapter Ten: The Importance of Being Contrary
    1. Paper versus Realized Loss
    2. Keeping a Cool Head
  18. Chapter Eleven: The Big Picture and the Small Picture
    1. The Bad and the Good
    2. “Trust Us”
    3. A Welcome Tidal Wave of Privatization
    4. It’s Okay to Sell the Crown Jewels
    5. Industry Characteristics aren’t the Be-All, End-All
  19. Chapter Twelve: Pri·va·ti·za·tion
    1. Priming the Pump
    2. Here’s How It Works
    3. Why They’re Good Investments
  20. Chapter Thirteen: Boom to Bust
    1. Three Warning Signs of a Bust
    2. What Happened in Thailand?
    3. A Short-Selling Nightmare
    4. And the Baht Tumbles
    5. It’s Called Crony Capitalism
  21. Chapter Fourteen: Don’t Get Emotional
    1. Become a Fan of All the Information You Can Find
    2. The Example of China Telecom
    3. A Chance for Small Investors
  22. Chapter Fifteen: Turning Fear into an Advantage Instead of a Disadvantage
    1. Going for Liquidity
    2. Playing Pin the Tail on the Bottom
    3. A Rosier Outlook
  23. Chapter Sixteen: The Crisis Bargain Bin
    1. No Pain, No Gain
    2. A Few Cardinal Rules about Timing
    3. Scoping Out the Banks
    4. Looking for Patterns
  24. Chapter Seventeen: Overcoming Irrational Market Panic
    1. Riding the Rio Roller Coaster
    2. First-Class Buying Opportunities
    3. Here We Go Again
    4. Facing Reality
  25. Chapter Eighteen: The World Belongs to Optimists
    1. Work Hard and be Disciplined
    2. Be Humble
    3. Show Some Common Sense
    4. Get Creative
    5. Be Independent
    6. Remain Flexible
    7. Investment Tools
    8. Always Diversify Your Investments
    9. Don’t Run from Risk
    10. Take a Long-Term View
    11. Make Volatility Your Friend
  26. Acknowledgments
  27. About the Author

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  • Title: The Little Book of Emerging Markets: How to Make Money in the World's Fastest Growing Markets
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118153819