Author’s Disclaimer

Chapter One: What are Emerging Markets?

The Name of the Game

Emerging, Emerging, Emerged!

The FELT Criteria

Chapter Two: Top Reasons for Investing in Emerging Markets

Why the Sudden Growth Spurt?

A “Problem” of Too Many Choices

All Markets are Volatile Sometimes

Your Best Protection Is Diversification

Chapter Three: Discovering Frontier Markets

Why Invest in Frontier Markets?

Dig Deeper to Find Gold

Go Ahead, Feel the Excitement

Chapter Four: Getting Down to Business

Emerging Market Mutual Funds

Domestic Listings of Emerging Market Companies

Depositary Certificate Listings of Emerging Market Companies in Developed Stock Markets

Exchange-Traded Funds

Chapter Five: Is There a Right Way to Invest?

Value versus Growth Orientation

Short versus Long Term

Bottom-Up versus Top-Down Investment Strategies

Chapter Six: Researching Emerging Markets

All Walks of Life

Narrowing the Choices

Is It a Buy or a Sell?

What’s Its Worth?

Chapter Seven: The Reality of Risk

The Big Picture

Hedging Your Bets

Sit Tight, Don’t Worry, be Happy

Chapter Eight: Timing Market Factors

Understanding Foreign Exchange

The Upside of Political Uncertainty

Overcoming Your Fears and Moving On

Chapter Nine: It’s Called Volatility

A Research Challenge

A Painful Lesson

Don’t Forget to Use What You Learn

Chapter Ten: The Importance of Being Contrary

Paper versus Realized Loss

Keeping a Cool Head

Chapter Eleven: The Big Picture and the Small Picture

The Bad and the Good

“Trust Us” ...

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