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The Little Mac Book, Snow Leopard Edition

Book Description

Adopting a back-to-the-basics approach, this bestselling little Mac classic has been revised and overhauled to introduce users to Snow Leopard, Apple's newest version of its operating system. In the gentle, friendly, funny style that generations of computer users have come to know and love, author Robin Williams shows readers how to dive in and start working with the Mac and OS X Snow Leopard. This full-color little book walks readers through all of the key new features in Snow Leopard. Using straightforward, jargon-free explanations delivered in logical, easy-to-follow sections, Robin is a new user's personal guide, coaching and encouraging readers as they learn their way around the magic of the Mac.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Thank you!
  3. Introduction
  4. 1. A map of your Mac
    1. The Desktop
    2. The menu bar
    3. Finder windows
    4. Home
      1. The folders in your Home window
    5. Keys on your keyboard
    6. Also Try This
    7. Remember
  5. 2. The Mouse
    1. Never used a mouse before?
    2. Moving the mouse
    3. The tip of the pointer
    4. Clicking the mouse
    5. Single-click
    6. Double-click
    7. Press
    8. Press-and-drag
      1. Moving the mouse when you’ve run out of space
    9. Hover
    10. Trackpads
    11. Also Try This
      1. Shift-click Command-click Option-click Control-click
      2. Shift-drag Option-drag Command-Option-drag
    12. Remember
  6. 3. The Dock
    1. All those icons in the Dock
    2. Display item names
      1. The tiny blue bubble
    3. Resize the Dock
    4. Remove an item from the Dock
    5. Rearrange items in the Dock
    6. Put an item in the Dock
    7. Magnify the icons in the Dock
    8. Reposition the Dock
    9. When a Dock item jumps up and down
    10. Also Try This
    11. Remember
  7. 4. Finder Windows
    1. The basic window
    2. Four window views of the same contents
      1. Icon View
      2. List View
        1. Resize the columns in List View
        2. Rearrange the columns in List View
      3. Column View
        1. Resize the columns in Column View
    3. Resize any window
    4. Scroll through any window
      1. Cover Flow View
    5. Quick Look/Slideshow
    6. The Sidebar
      1. Add items to the Sidebar
      2. Remove items from the Sidebar
    7. Window buttons
      1. Close a window (red button)
      2. Zoom a window (green button)
      3. Minimize a window (yellow button)
      4. Minimize windows into application icon
    8. Make your own folders
    9. Also Try This
      1. Enlarge the icons or the text
    10. Remember
  8. 5. Menus & Shortcuts
    1. Choosing a menu command
      1. Single-click, slide, single-click
      2. Press, hold, let go
    2. Gray vs. black commands
    3. Hierarchical menus
    4. Ellipses in the menus
    5. Contextual menus
      1. Two-button mouse
    6. Keyboard shortcuts
      1. Modifier keys and their symbols
      2. How to use a keyboard shortcut
    7. Also Try This
      1. Other menus
        1. Double arrows
        2. Single arrows or triangles on buttons
      2. Color wells
    8. Remember
  9. 6. Use an Application
    1. Open an application
    2. Open a blank document
      1. New vs. Open
    3. I-beam
    4. Insertion point
    5. Delete (or Backspace)
      1. Delete characters
    6. One space after periods
    7. Select (highlight) text
      1. Replace highlighted text
      2. Extra tips
    8. Change fonts (typefaces) and type size
    9. Alignment
    10. Cut, Copy, and the Clipboard
    11. Cut
    12. Copy
    13. Paste
      1. An example of the cut-and-paste process
    14. Undo
    15. Keyboard shortcuts
    16. Delete or Clear and the Clipboard
    17. Access special characters
    18. Use real accent marks
    19. Document windows
    20. Also Try This
    21. Remember
  10. 7. Save & Print
    1. Save your document
    2. Make several versions of the same document
    3. Print your document
    4. Add a printer to the list, if necessary
      1. If you can’t add a printer
    5. Page setup
    6. Print specifications
      1. Application-specific options
      2. See a preview
      3. Copies & Pages
      4. Layout
      5. Print Settings
    7. Using the print queue window
      1. Control your print jobs
      2. Keep your printer icon in the Dock
    8. Also Try This
      1. The entire “Save As” dialog box
      2. “Open” dialog box
    9. Remember
  11. 8. Close, Quit & Trash
    1. Close vs. Quit
      1. Unsaved changes
    2. Close a document
    3. Quit an application
      1. Shortcut
      2. Force Quit
      3. Quit applications upon Log Out, Restart, and Shut Down
    4. Trash a file
      1. More ways to trash files
    5. Also Try This
      1. Remove an item from the Trash
    6. Remember
  12. 9. Get Connected
    1. You need an Internet Service Provider
    2. You need a modem
    3. Step by Step: What to do
    4. Information you need before you start
    5. Getting ready to set up
      1. What’s a MobileMe account?
      2. Use Network preferences
    6. Set up your broadband connection
      1. Connect to the Internet with your broadband account
    7. Set the service order
    8. Set up your dial-up connection
      1. Extra options for phone modem connections
      2. Connect to the Internet with a dial-up account
        1. Connect automatically
        2. Use the modem status icon
        3. Use the Network preferences to connect
      3. Disconnect your dial-up account
        1. Add the modem status icon and menu to your menu bar
    9. Remember
  13. 10. Surf The Web
    1. What are web pages?
      1. What is a web address?
      2. If you want to connect right now
    2. What are links?
      1. Make the text on a web page larger or smaller
      2. Go back and forth from page to page
      3. Open a new browser window
      4. Check the Dock
    3. Enter a web address
      1. Shortcut to enter address
    4. Choose your Home page
      1. View Bookmarks in Cover Flow
      2. Put a web page link in your Dock
    6. Check out the Top Sites page
    7. Search tools
      1. Important Point Number One
      2. Important Point Number Two
      3. Search using Google
    8. URLs for you
    9. Remember
  14. 11. Let’s do Email
    1. Set up your account
    2. Mail
      1. The Viewer window
      2. Write and send an email message
      3. Use stationery
      4. Check for messages
      5. Tips for replying to messages
      6. Tips for writing messages
      7. Attach a file
      8. Download an attachment that someone sent you
      9. Create a Note
      10. Create a To Do list
      11. Use the data detector
    3. Address Book
      1. Add new names and addresses to Address Book
      2. Add a name and address from Mail
      3. Send email to someone from your Address Book
      4. Address an email message in Mail using the Address Pane
    4. Also Try This
      1. Make a group mailing list
      2. Send email to a group mailing list
      3. Have your mail read out loud to you
    5. Remember
  15. 12. Other Useful Features
    1. System Preferences
      1. Desktop & Screen Saver
    2. Aliases
      1. Make an alias
      2. Details of aliases
    3. Search for files on your Mac with Spotlight
      1. Narrow the search
      2. Find types of files
      3. Spotlight in applications
    4. Stickies
    5. Burn a CD or DVD with a Burn Folder
    6. Exposé
    7. Dashboard: Widgets at your fingertips
      1. Add or delete widgets from your Dashboard
      2. Work with widgets
      3. Display more than one widget
      4. Manage your widgets
    8. Sleep, Restart, Shut Down, or Log Out
    9. Remember
  16. Special characters
  17. Accent marks