Chapter 2. Bringing Data into a Project

  • 2.1 Sources of Data 168

  • 2.2 Locations for Data 170

  • 2.3 Assigning Libraries with the Assign Project Library Task 172

  • 2.4 Creating New SAS Data Tables in a Data Grid 174

  • 2.5 Editing SAS Data Tables in a Data Grid 176

  • 2.6 Inserting Computed Columns in a Data Grid 178

  • 2.7 Importing Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets 180

  • 2.8 Importing Delimited Raw Data 182

  • 2.9 Importing Fixed-Column Raw Data 184

  • 2.10 Exporting Data 186

2.1 Sources of Data

Before you can analyze your data, before you can run a report, before you can do anything with your data, SAS Enterprise Guide must be able to read your data. Your data might be in a data warehouse on a mainframe, or on a piece of paper sitting on your desk. Whatever form your data take, there ...

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