Chapter 5. Sorting and Filtering Data

  • 5.1 Filtering Data in a Task 224

  • 5.2 Using the Filter and Sort Task 226

  • 5.3 Sorting Using the Sort Task 228

  • 5.4 Sorting Data in a Query 230

  • 5.5 Filtering Data in a Query 232

  • 5.6 Creating Compound Filters in a Query 234

  • 5.7 Creating a Filter with Advanced Expressions 236

5.1 Filtering Data in a Task

Sometimes you don't want to use all the rows in a data table. There are several ways to subset or filter data in SAS Enterprise Guide. If you want to create a new data table, then use the Filter and Sort task or the Query Builder as shown later in this chapter. However, if you simply want to run a task and do not need to create a new data table, then you can filter data directly in the task.

Here is the TourDates data table. ...

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