Chapter 10. Producing Graphs

  • 10.1 Bar Charts 298

  • 10.2 Pie Charts 300

  • 10.3 Simple Line Plots 302

  • 10.4 Multiple Line Plots by Group 304

  • 10.5 Scatter Plots 306

  • 10.6 Controlling the Axes 308

10.1 Bar Charts

Bar charts can be an effective way to present data when you want to show the frequency, percentage, sum, or mean of values in your data, broken into groups. Bar charts can be created using the Bar Chart task or wizard. This section describes the task. You must have SAS/GRAPH software installed on your SAS server to create any of the graphs shown in this chapter.

The Eruptions data set contains the volcano name and the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) for selected eruptions. Here is a sample of the data. Notice that the column VEI ranges in value from 0 ...

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