Chapter 11. Changing Result Styles and Formats

  • 11.1 Changing the Result Format 312

  • 11.2 Changing the Result Style 314

  • 11.3 Customizing Styles Using the Style Manager 316

  • 11.4 Combining Results into a Single Document 318

  • 11.5 Adding Text, Images, and Headings to Reports 320

  • 11.6 Exporting Results to a File 322

11.1 Changing the Result Format

When you run a task that produces output, by default the result is in SAS Report format. SAS Report format can be used to combine several results into one customized report, which can be exported to other file formats if desired. You can also create results directly in other formats. SAS Enterprise Guide can produce results in RTF, which can be opened in Microsoft Word; PDF, which can be opened using Adobe Acrobat ...

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