Chapter 12. Adding Flexibility with Prompts and Conditions

  • 12.1 Creating Prompts for Data Values 326

  • 12.2 Using Prompts in Query Filter Conditions 328

  • 12.3 Creating Prompts for Variable Names 330

  • 12.4 Using Prompts in Tasks 332

  • 12.5 Using Prompts in SAS Programs 334

  • 12.6 Creating Prompts for Text Values 336

  • 12.7 Using Prompts in Project Conditions 338

  • 12.8 Running Projects with Conditions 340

12.1 Creating Prompts for Data Values

Prompts allow you to develop projects that are flexible. When you run a project that uses a prompt, a box will appear asking you to specify a value for that prompt. The project will be run using the value you enter. This allows you to create one project that can generate many different results.

There are four ways you can use prompts: ...

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