Visualizing Your Data

8.1    Concepts of ODS Graphics

8.2    Creating Bar Charts

8.3    Creating Histograms and Density Curves

8.4    Creating Box Plots

8.5    Creating Scatter Plots

8.6    Creating Series Plots

8.7    Creating Fitted Curves

8.8    Controlling Axes and Reference Lines

8.9    Controlling Legends and Insets

8.10  Customizing Graph Attributes

8.11  Creating Paneled Graphs

8.12  Specifying Image Properties and Saving Graphics Output


8.1 Concepts of ODS Graphics

ODS Graphics is designed to give you high-quality graphs with a minimum of effort. As you might expect, ODS Graphics is an extension of the Output Delivery System, but instead of creating tabular output, ODS Graphics creates graphs, and it produces them using ...

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