Note: Page references in italics denote illustrations

Abil-Kheir, Abu-said, poetry of, 106–107

Aborigines (Australian), view of the universe, 77

agape, teachings of Jesus, 106

ages, the axial, 144–147

al-Arabi, Ibn, the Beloved, 106

Al-Ghazali, Islamic theologian, 66–67

aliveness, consciousness, 119

Almaas, A.H., modern day Sufi teacher, 68

American Indians, lore of the three miracles, 19

amoeba, rudimentary consciousness of, 45

animals, elements of human-like consciousness in, 45–46

Arabi, Ibn, thirteenth century Islamic leader, 67

Aristotle, living by the golden mean, 172

atheism, vs. theism, 201

Atman, Hindu cosmic spirit, 68–69

attitude, indifferent or welcoming, 12

Aurobindo, Sri, Hindu philosopher on the substance of the universe, ...

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