Once again, we could not have done it without our amazing pros, who continued to share, update, and inspire us. We are most grateful to have all of the original contributors and designers from the first and second editions join us again on our third edition, and we are thrilled to include new artists and pros to this global group. Their vast contribution of knowledge, talent, and experience to this latest edition is humbling.

Tremendous thanks to Darla Albright, Matiki Anoff, Gary Archer, Mary Birchler, Fred Blau, Lars Carlsson, J. C. Cerilla, Debra Coleman, Richard Dean, Ken Diaz, Gina Eppolito, Daniela Eschbacher, Kris Evans, Kim Felix-Burke, Dan Gheno, Steven Horak, Don Jusko, Devon Keene, Erwin H. Kupitz, George Lampman, Bradley ...

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