Chapter 8. Using Delegation to Your Advantage


Delegation and ...

  • How it helps managers to get things done through others.

  • How delegation can make you a more effective manager.

  • The good and the bad of delegation.

  • An easy method of delegation.

  • Things you should and shouldn't delegate.

  • Keeping in touch with those to whom you delegate.


No manager is an island; it takes the work of a team of people—all working toward common goals—for an organization to achieve great things. So, despite the urge to try to do everything in an organization, effective managers know they can achieve far more—faster and more efficiently—by assigning specific tasks to their employees. Managers assign the responsibility for completing tasks through delegation.

But simply assigning tasks and then walking away is not enough. For delegation to be effective, managers must also give employees both the authority and the resources necessary to complete tasks effectively. One key measure of a manager's effectiveness lies in the ability to get things done through other people—a prime ingredient for success. And an inability to delegate undermines your effectiveness as a manager more than anything else, short of embezzlement or physical abuse.

Skillful delegation is a win-win activity. By being a good delegator, you prepare yourself for promotions and train someone who could take your place so you can move up. By delegating, others do much of the day-to-day work in your organization, ...

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