The Manager's Guide to Employee Feedback

Book description

Master this essential skill for new managers and successfully deliver feedback to raise your team’s performance

  • Deliver effective feedback that solidifies your position as a confident new manager

  • Get to grips with delivering balanced, evidence based feedback to your entire team, addressing underperformance issues and dealing with misconduct

  • Splashed with humour and packed full of tips, advice and real life examples of how to become the manager of a high performing team

  • In Detail

    Expert Business Coach and trainer Glenn Devey shares with you his inside secrets to delivering the best feedback to engage your staff in their development journey. Critical to your success as a manager is your ability to consistently raise the performance of your team members, and the best leaders let their staff know exactly how they are measuring up. This friendly, engaging guide will give you a shortcut to a management skill that is valuable and rare, but essential to make your mark as a great leader.

    Let Glenn show you how to master his tried and tested feedback models, and you'll be able to deal confidently and fairly with your staff even when stakes are high. Step by step, you'll learn to deliver professional and effective reprimands with minimal stress, apply subtle psychological tactics to steer your team towards success, diplomatically deliver feedback to senior leaders, articulate your feedback to keep your team motivated, and deal with difficult feedback situations. Packed with tips, advice, real life case studies and written with humor along the way, this accessible guide will help you to fulfill your management potential.

    About the Author

    Glenn Devey currently works as a management consultant building on an industrial career spanning almost 30 years. After beginning his career in the Telecoms industry, he moved into the Automotive industry where he spent 17 years working in Engineering Management leading small and large teams of engineers working on complex new products. He resigned his corporate position in 2007 to work freelance as a trainer, coach, and consultant following a passion for personal and professional development. Since then, his career has taken him across both the public and private sector working to train the next generation of new managers and also working as an executive coach to experienced and senior leaders in business. Glenn holds recognized qualifications in coaching, mentoring, training, NLP, Six Sigma, and at the time of writing, is studying for an MBA. He has filed a successful patent, holds a Second Dan Black Belt in Karate, and also plays electric bass with a local Blues band. You can join Glenn and the growing Feedback community here or you can connect with Glenn personally at

    Table of contents

    1. The Manager's Guide to Employee Feedback
      1. The Manager's Guide to Employee Feedback
      2. Credits
      3. Foreword
      4. About the Author
      5. About the Reviewers
      6. Preface
        1. My feedback journey
        2. What this book covers
        3. Who this book is for
        4. Conventions
        5. Reader feedback
        6. Customer support
        7. Piracy
        8. Questions
      7. 1. Feedback Fundamentals
        1. Start now!
        2. Where are you now?
        3. Evidence based
        4. Activity focused
        5. Results oriented
        6. Specific
        7. Honesty
        8. Only positive language
        9. Timed well
        10. Summary
      8. 2. Delivering Balanced Feedback
        1. Meet Brian
        2. My management calendar
          1. Once per day
          2. Once per week
          3. Once per month
          4. Once per quarter
          5. Twice per year
        3. Back to Brian
        4. The WIN model
          1. What went well
          2. Interesting aspects of performance
          3. Next time…
        5. Time to practice
        6. Grown-up appraisals
        7. Back to Brian
        8. Summary
      9. 3. Addressing Specific Performance Issues
        1. Meet Kate
        2. The BAR model
          1. Background
          2. Activity
          3. Results
        3. Tackling an uncomfortable subject
        4. Consolidation exercise
        5. Summary
      10. 4. Delivering a Reprimand
        1. Meet Trevor
        2. The DESC model
          1. Describe the situation
          2. Express the impact
          3. State what you want to change
          4. Communicate the consequences
        3. Exercise – Could you have dealt better with a past reprimand?
        4. Summary
      11. 5. Giving Feedback to Colleagues and Managers
        1. Meet Simon
        2. Deflecting negative behaviors
        3. Techniques for sensitive discussions
          1. Preframing the event
          2. Framing the conversation
            1. Softening frames
            2. Mismatch frames
            3. Alternative frames
          3. Disagreeing with someone without them noticing
          4. Sharing a feeling
            1. Sharing my feelings with Simon
        4. Quiz: Chapters 1 to 5
        5. Summary
      12. 6. Integrating Your New Skills
        1. Improving your delivery
        2. A four-step plan to achieve just about anything
        3. How to balance feedback with encouragement
        4. Action plan
        5. Summary
      13. A. Appendix
        1. Chapter 1 – "Where are you now?" answers
        2. Chapter 3 – Consolidation exercise answers
        3. Chapter 5 – Chapters 1 to 5 quiz answers

    Product information

    • Title: The Manager's Guide to Employee Feedback
    • Author(s): Glenn Devey
    • Release date: January 2014
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781783000005