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The Manager's Guide to Conducting Interviews

Book Description

On the other side of the table – plan and execute excellent interviews to get the right person for the job

  • Develop the skills to plan and prepare for a confident and effective interview

  • Learn techniques and strategies to get maximum insight into your candidates.

  • Successfully assess and review your candidates, to make a job offer to the right candidate.

  • In Detail

    On the other side of the table - Plan and execute excellent interviews to get the right person for the job

    As an experienced managerial behavior consultant, Stephen Walker, co-founder of Motivation Matters, is passionate about helping to improve organizational performance in businesses. In this quick and practical book, Stephen takes you through the entire process of an interview, from getting to know the specifications of the role, to discussing the results and reaching a final decision with other stakeholders. Being able to build a strong team around you is essential to a business' success and to do this you need to interview effectively and confidently. This is not only essential for prospective employees; it is also an important managerial skill.

    Walking you through the interview process from the initial planning and preparation to meeting and greeting the interviewee, this book provides you with everything you need to know to hire for success. With templates, examples, and tips on how to incorporate cutting edge techniques such as NLP into your interviewing technique, The Manager’s Guide to Conducting Your First Interview, is the perfect companion to managers new and old, giving you a fresh perspective on effective interviewing.

    About the Author

    Stephen W. Walker has published numerous articles and speaks at various conferences. He has over 30 years of management experience in globally competitive sectors. He has interviewed and recruited dozens of people and shares his experience on how to choose the best candidate in this book.

    He co-founded Motivation Matters in 2004, which is a vehicle to deliver greater organizational performance, with his managerial behavior consultancy. He has worked for notable organizations such as Corning, De La Rue, and Buhler, and has been hired to help Philips, Lloyds TSB, and many others.

    His expertise is the managerial behavior that drives good team performance. Competent interviewing is a fundamental skill in the effective manager's portfolio of skills. Further information about him is available at www.motivationmatters.co.uk.

    Table of Contents

    1. The Manager's Guide to Conducting Interviews
      1. The Manager's Guide to Conducting Interviews
      2. Credits
      3. About the Author
      4. About the Reviewers
      5. Preface
        1. What this book covers
        2. Who this book is for
        3. Conventions
        4. Reader feedback
        5. Piracy
      6. 1. Before the Interview – Preparing and Practicing
        1. Determining the job specification
        2. Gathering information from Human Resources
        3. Managing the interview
          1. The interview structure
          2. Managing the timetable
        4. Keeping it legal
        5. Preparing yourself
        6. Preparing your opening speech
        7. Switching to performance mode
        8. Prepare the candidate
          1. Use your interview experience
          2. Building rapport
          3. Checklist
        9. Summary
      7. 2. Starting the Interview – Greeting and Settling
        1. Making introductions
          1. Your first impression
          2. Introducing the panel
          3. Introducing the organization
        2. Observing the candidate
          1. First impression of the candidate
          2. NLP and eye cues
          3. Body mirroring
          4. Checklist
        3. Summary
      8. 3. Conducting the Interview – Questioning and Scoring
        1. Hire for attitude, train for skills
        2. Active listening
        3. Avoid illegal notes
        4. Avoid thoughtless or unplanned remarks
        5. The Interview Simulator
          1. Job details
          2. The job skills specification
          3. The interview questions
          4. The score sheet
        6. The closing question
        7. Checklist
        8. Summary
      9. 4. After the Interview – Agreeing and Deciding
        1. Review your candidate scores
          1. Intuition says the scores are wrong
          2. Understand your intuition
          3. Review your scores
        2. Setting minimum acceptable skill scores
        3. Reaching a consensus with the panel
          1. Sharing your intuition's doubts
          2. Resolving ranking differences
          3. Reaching a consensus
        4. Making the shortlist
        5. Supporting evidence
        6. Special adjustments
        7. Checklist
        8. Summary
        9. Good luck!